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Kabuki Confetti Streamers: Tissue Speedloaders in Custom Colors. 6 & 12 Packs

$ 27.75
In Stock
Size Pack of 6
Color Custom Mix
Material Biodegradable Tissue


22' Biodegradable Streamers Stacked in 10" Launch Sleeve - Custom Color Packs of 6 and 12.

Build your own 2-color, cannon-ready sleeve of soaring tissue serpentines.

Customize your  Kabuki streamer sleeves and get a discount price, too. Here's how.

Step One: Pick Your Custom Mix

Choose 2 colors for your custom sleeves 

All the sleeves in any 6- or 12-sleeve pack must be of the same two colors. Choose from Blue, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, Yellow, Lavender, Red, Orange, Green, Lime, Pink, and Hot Pink.

Ordering more than one 6-pack or 12-pack? You can custom-color each different pack you buy. 

Step Two: Decide How Many Sleeves You Need

We package your Speedload Streamers in 10" clear plastic sleeves. Choose how many 6- or 12-sleeve packs you need. To load any cannon: Snip the sleeve open, pour the streamers into your launcher, recycle the sleeve. It's that easy. 

Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launcher

  • Use 2 to 3 sleeves per launch

RC-2 Pro Cannons

  • Use 8 sleeves for 2" x 20" cannon (4 per barrel)
  • Use 4 sleeves for 1" x 36" cannon (2 per barrel)

Step Three: Note Your Colors at Checkout

Tell us your color choices in the Special Instructions box at checkout. Note: These custom color combinations are specially-made for you and are non-returnable.

Custom Kabuki Speedload Tissue Streamer Details

  • 10" sleeve of 25' Streamers
  • Sold in packs of 6 sleeves and 12 sleeves
  • Fire-resistant, biodegradable, sustainably-sourced tissue