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Kabuki Confetti Streamers: Rich Green Tissue Speedloaders

$ 3.62
In Stock
Color Green
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


22' Forest Green Streamers Stacked in a 10" Cannon Sleeve.

Sustainably-sourced tissue serpentines deliver strong color with easy clean up.

These pristine-cut streamers are a rich, true green. They match up easily to school colors, spring and summer decorations, and Christmas themes.

They come packaged in easy-pour, cannon-ready sleeves. And, at 25-feet long, they arc high and reach long into concert crowds, over stadium audiences, and across theater stages.

Biodegradable and fire resistant, they are the right answer for both indoor and outdoor settings. Unlike metallic, tissue color reads well even in less-brightly lit venues.

Plus, they're easy to clean up and recycle. Most of the time, your guests swoop them up for you.

Green Kabuki Speedload Streamer Details

  • 1/2" x 22' green tissue 
  • Fire resistant, sustainably-sourced, biodegradable
  • Packaged in 10" cannon-ready sleeve

How Many Sleeves Will You Need?

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

  • Order 2 to 3 sleeves per launch

RC-2 Twin-Barreled Cannons

  • Order 10 sleeves for 2 x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
  • Order 6 sleeves for 1 x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

Confetti Creative: Add Gold Flutter

We like the two-effect look of adding lingering glitter to your green streaks. Consider pouring a sleeve of Gold Metallic Confetti on top of your Green Speedload Streamers. Your Green streaks will pop through the golden shimmer.