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Kris Jenner's "Great Gatsby Confetti"

Times Square Confetti bursts over Kris Jenner at her 60th birthday party.

The Art of Art Deco Confetti

Kris Jenner's kids crowned her Happy Birthday song with a custom confetti cloud shot from four of our twin-barreled RC2 cannons. The result was a photo by the team of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, published worldwide.

Here are the confetti effects to top off your own Great Gatsby-era theme. Whether you have headroom for the cannons or opt for hand-launchers, you'll fill the air with just the right glitter.  

Note:  We chose a Flashy mix of metallic and tissue confetti.  We like the different hang-times, and the visual texture created by the addition of black tissue.


  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold / 10
    Quick shop

    Gold Slowfall Rectangles Stacked in 10" Easy-Launch Sleeves.

    Reflective, metallic slowfall confetti cascades golden color.

    Gold is the right color choice to communicate power and riches. This sparkling confetti does even more. The generous-sized rectangles reflect your lighting as they float and twirl, creating a glittering, textured drop for high-profile weddings, receptions, galas, championships, cheer, New Year's and all kids of parties.

    Confetti Artistry: Add Tissue Spirals

    For camera shots and those live events where you're looking to create something a bit different, think about sliding handfuls of yellow tissue Twizzle triangles to the same launch load. Your effect will still read as pure gold, with the added fascination of dynamic midair spiral and tissue hang time.

    Gold Metallic Sleeved Confetti Details

    • Gold slowfall rectangles
    • 10” sleeve easy-pour packaging
    • 3/4″ x 2″ flutter cut
    • Flameproof PVC metallic
    • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

    Confetti Sleeve Quantities Per Cannon

    Original Kabuki Celebration Launcher

    • 2 sleeves per 20" handheld launcher
    • 3 sleeves per 32" handheld launcher
    • Don't forget your CO2 - order 1 per launch

    RC-2 Remote-Control Professional Cannon

    • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" barrel
    • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" barrel
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        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Silver / 10
          Quick shop

          Silver Slowfall Rectangles in a 10" Cannon-Ready Sleeve.

          Mirror-Like Confetti Reflects Your Lighting.

          There's nothing like silver when it comes to amping your look. Its primary effect is intense shine - the actual color is secondary. In the air, silver becomes a mirror, reflecting its surroundings and every color light.  

          Add silver to white tissue confetti for romantic, theatrical snowy looks, or to launch a wedding couple's reception exit in flashy style.

          Spill silver into any color streamer blast - the two-step effect is fantastic. Drizzle it alone over a glitter ball. Layer it inside a glass counter display to multiply the impression of your product. It is endlessly compatible, whether your use is party, sports fan, retail display, dance or theatrical, glittery shine.

          Silver Metallic Sleeved Confetti Details

          • Stacks of 3/4″ x 2″ rectangles
          • Packed in 10” easy-load sleeve 
          • Flameproof PVC metallic
          • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

          How Many Sleeves to Get Per Launch

          Kabuki Handheld Launcher

          • 2 - 3 silver 10" sleeves are considered a full load.

          RC-2 Pro Cannon - 2" x 20" Barrels

          • 8 sleeves (4 silver 10" sleeves per barrel)

          Can you launch these in the 1" x 36" RC-2 barrels? Yes. Take extra care loading the long, thin barrels. Use no more than 3 sleeves in this case. Be sure to slip in a lifter before loading your effect. Then drizzle in the silver confetti lightly and do not tamp in down.  

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          • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Black / 10
            Quick shop

            Black, Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in 10" Speedloader Sleeves.

            Use Our Darkest Fluttering Rectangles for High-Style Launches, Themed Parties, Theater and Cheer.

            Chris Jenner's Black and Gold Birthday Confetti, designed for Mindy Weiss.

            Onstage, a black confetti blast instantly creates an edgy, ominous tone. For football teams, it conveys power. For weddings and parties, black displays bold, intentional style. 

              Planning Your Black Confetti Launch 

              Mindy Weiss crowned Chris Jenner's cake reveal with a Great Gatsby blast of gold and black fluttering rectangles shot from four professional RC-2 cannons rigged to T-stands. As you plan your launch, consider your lighting. Outdoors in sunlight, black tissue confetti makes a powerful statement. For evening and indoor launches, be sure you have bright general lighting or spotlights set to take advantage of your edgy look.

              Kabuki Celebration Launchers

              • 2 sleeves are a full load for both the 32" and 20" models.

              Professional RC-2 Cannons  

              • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
              • 4 sleeves (2 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons

              Black Tissue Confetti Product Details

              • Black tissue rectangles
              • 10” ShotSleeve packaging
              • 3/4″ x 2″ Slowfall design
              • Biodegradable, Sustainably Sourced and Fire Resistant
              • Cut and sleeved in our Sun Valley, CA shop

              Confetti Creative: Add Swirling Swords

              Knife through the flutter cloud: Add a sleeve of custom Black and Gold Flashy Twizzles to your Black tissue confetti load.

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            • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Gold & White / Single / Metallic Tissue Mix Confetti Flick Sticks: Flashy Gold, Rose Gold or Silver - Bulk Discount Bundles
              Quick shop

              14" Silver Tubes Packed with White and Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Confetti.

              Elegant Wands Hand Launch Flashy Rectangle Mix 18' in the Air. Sold as Singles or in Pre-Discounted Bundles.

              • 2 launches each covers 15-18 feet
              • 14" biodegradable tube
              • Sold singly and in packs of 12, 48, 72, 144
              • 75% biodegradable, fire resistant tissue confetti
              • 25% flameproof metallic confetti                                
              • Use: Outdoors or Indoors (best effect with fairly high ceilings)

                Confetti Flick Sticks are the perfect way to let guests celebrate big moments, grand entrances, mad dances or getaway dashes.  

                Times Square Confetti Flick Sticks can be handed out, pre-set at seats or used as part of table decor. When the moment for celebrating comes, they're ready to go.  The Tissue Confetti is pre-loaded color in a silver-wrapped 14" tube.  One flick of the wrist sends white rectangles flying. Turn the tube around and flick a second launch.

                The Flick Stick's Confetti is biodegradable and fire resistant, and made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

                  Custom Color Options  

                  Looking to match your color theme?  See our Custom Flashy Confetti Flick Sticks.

                  Color Note:  Confetti at each tip of the tube is all-tissue, to keep the metallic safely inside until launch.

                  Looking for more hand-launch ideas?  

                  Check out our Streamer Flick Sticks and our stay-attached Handthrow Streamers. They also come in custom colors to match your themed events.

                  Note: All Flashy Confetti  Sticks are custom created for you and are non-returnable.
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                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Launchers Remote-Control Confetti Launcher: RC-2 Twin Barrel
                  Quick shop

                  RC2 Cannon: The most efficient, effective remote-control cannon for streamers and confetti.

                  Reloadable 2-barrel launcher: Ground-mount or rig to truss. 

                  Also available for weekly rental - Call us: 818-767-7062

                  RC2 Twin Barrel Professional Confetti and Streamer Cannon for sale and rent

                  The RC2 remote-control Confetti Cannon is a professional model for large events and remote locations. This cannon operates on either compressed air or CO2 and is the Confetti Effects cannon workhorse.  It earned that reputation at the hands of rock 'n roll road crews, and hundreds of these special-event units  have been sold to productions houses worldwide.  Note that the RC2 is appropriate for professional handling only.

                  • Use for streamers and confetti
                  • Outdoor / Indoor events with high ceilings
                  • Powered by compressed air and electricity

                  RC-2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon Details

                  • At 23 lbs., it's the lightest-weight launcher of its kind - so you end up with less load on your truss.
                  • Its cold-rolled tube frame makes it highly durable.  
                  • The RC2 can be pressurized up to 180 lbs. for when you need that extra punch.  More, it's certified to hold pressure for up to 10 days.
                  • Twin Quick Connect Cam-Lock barrels are quick to reload and easy to remove.
                  • Note: Remote control unit is priced separately, as multiple cannons can be daisy-chained to a single remote.
                  • Note: See accessories  C-Clamp for truss mount not included.

                  Choose from twin 2″ x 20″ barrels or twin 1″ x 36″ barrels  

                  • 1" diameter barrel launches Streamers and Confetti dramatically further than other designs.  If you're launching slow-fall confetti rectangles, use Tissue only.
                  • 2" launches die cut Shapes, all confetti and streamers.

                  Confetti Cannon Accessories You May Need

                  Remote Control Unit: We sell and rent the remote control unit separately. Multiple cannons can be connected to a single remote control for simultaneous launch.

                  Compression caps, lifters & tape protect & boost your launch. You likely have all the other items you need (compressor, extension cords, wrenches...). If not, we sell and rent those separately.  Call us and we'll help you plan.

                  How Many Confetti and Streamer Sleeves for the RC-2?

                  1″ diameter barrels hold two 10" sleeves each 
                  2″ diameter barrels hold four 10" sleeves each 

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                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki CO2 Cartridges CO2 Cartridges: 16-gram, Threaded
                  Quick shop

                  16-gram CO2 Cartridges (Ships to Continental USA only.)

                  Threaded cartridges power our famous Kabuki Celebration Hand-launchers.

                  Our threaded 16-gram CO2 cartridges give our Kabuki Celebration hand-launchers phenomenal boost, sending confetti and streamers up to 60 feet in the air.

                  These cartridges are fully recyclable. They have 900 lbs of pressure (compared to just 200 lbs in competitors’ non-threaded versions). More pressure equals more power. And you get a much better effect: Bigger, farther and more widely dispersed.

                  • Uses 1 cartridge per launch. You'll need enough to match the number of the launches you have planned.
                  • Don't forget rehearsals!  Remember to buy a couple extra for your pre-show tests.
                  • Ships within continental U.S.A. only.

                  16 Gram CO2 Details

                  • Threaded
                  • Pressure: 900 psi
                  • 100% recyclable
                  • Ships UPS within the continental USA at no additional DOT fee
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                  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Launchers Kabuki Handheld Confetti & Streamer Launcher
                    Quick shop

                    Kabuki's original handheld celebration cannon in 2 sizes.

                    Use one CO2 cartridge for each launch.

                    We make the famous Kabuki Celebration Confetti Cannon in our USA factory. The streamer and confetti cannon is sturdy, lightweight, easy to load and reload. It's so simple, you might think it's appropriate for children's use - but this is a professional product, not a toy. 

                    It comes in two lengths: 32" and 20". Both are powered by a 16-gram CO2 cartridge - the same as you'd use for a paintball gun.  CO2 cartridges are sold separately - order one for each planned launch.

                    Silver & White Slowfall Confetti launched by 2 Kabuki Celebration Launchers. Photo by Sakosan.

                     We sell and rent these handheld launchers to Broadway shows, parade organizers, political rallies, cheerleaders, and event planners. These launchers are ideal for covering a crowd or stage, and your effect varies tremendously with your choice of material.  

                    The Kabuki Handheld Cannon is Not a Toy!

                    The Kabuki Celebration Cannon's launch distance far exceeds competitors in its category – 45-65 feet versus an average 30 feet. Load only approved confetti and streamers. And once you've screwed in the CO2 cartridge, make sure an adult keeps an eye on the launcher - and keeps it away from kids.

                    Kabuki Celebration Launcher Loading Tips

                    Use sleeved confetti or streamers (or mix both in the same load). Snip open the sleeve and pour in confetti, Mylar X-Streamers or Speedload tissue streamers. For larger Flashy Streamers, Streamers with Bubbles, or Skinny Twins, set the launcher on a table, slice open the sleeve and tickle the streamers into the launcher.

                    Get Enough Product & CO2 for a Test  

                    Get enough confetti or streamers to test your effect in advance. That way you’ll know how to get exactly the look you want. 


                    • Order one CO2 cartridge per launch
                    • Order a total of 20" to 30" of sleeved confetti or streamers per launch
                    • Die-cut Confetti Shapes should be preloaded by our shop prior to shipping
                    • Use Outdoors, or Indoors with high ceiling 

                    Call us for weekly rental options: 818-767-7062 

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