Confetti & Streamers for High-Style Award Ceremonies, Galas, Fundraisers


The high-class side of confetti and serpentine streamers.

Subtle sparkle of metallic coins and stars. Soaring celebrations of goals reached.  Color-themed campaigns. Whether you use these effects for table decor, hand-toss, or launch, your event will glitter with the high-dollar looks in this special collection.
Fresh, Bright, Artistic

Gold & Silver Coins

Flashy Handheld Confetti Flick Sticks 

Flashy Streamers

Streamers & Bubbles Handheld Flick Sticks

RC2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon - Buy or Rent

CO2 Cartridge for Celebration Launchers

Confetti Clean Up Blower for Rent

 Confetti Cleanup Blower - Rental

 ShotMax Confetti Blower  - Buy or Rent

Cyclone Confetti Blower - Buy or Rent