Confetti: Metallic, Biodegradable & Dissolving in Cannon-Ready Sleeves

Confetti Effects Made Easy: Snip. Load. Launch.

ShotSleeves of Slowfall Confetti Create Floating Clouds of Color.

Our slow-fall fluttering confetti spins on its axis, and creates long hang time. The result: Lots of opportunity for photographers to grab photos and video, and for the crowd to enjoy the sight. 

These 10" sleeves are ideal for quick-loading of remote-controlled confetti cannons and handheld CO2 launchers. Snip open the sleeve's end.  Pour the confetti into your confetti cannon. Discard the sleeve. It's that simple.

Mix It Up

As most cannons hold two or more 10" sleeves, you can mix up your cannon loads. Mix colors, tissue with metallic, streamers with confetti. The look is yours to create.


Want Slowfall Confetti in Bulk Instead?

Sometimes the look you want isn't actually via confetti cannon.  If you plan on a balcony drop over a bride, or a snow / confetti-cradle theatrical effect, you want loose confetti. Same with great big effects: The confetti that flies over Times Square at New Years is hand-tossed.  And the "confetti fountains" you see at big sports events launch loose confetti via continuous flow blowers, such as our Shot Max and Cyclone. Our Bulk Confetti comes in all the same tissue, metallic and flashy mix combinations. 

Times Square Confetti's Flashy Confetti celebrates The Real

Flashy Slowfall Confetti in ShotSleeves  

Times Square Confetti TV launch - Neil Patrick Harris

Biodegradable tissue slowfall confetti rectangles in cannon-ready sleeves

Biodegradable Tissue Slowfall Confetti in ShotSleeves

Times Square's Metallic Slowfall Confetti celebrates Kris Jenner's 60th

Metallic Slowfall Confetti in ShotSleeves 

Times Square Confetti's custom flashy slowfall confetti for Mindy Weiss events wedding

Custom Flashy Confetti Sleeves - 6 & 12 Packs 

Times Square Confetti launches blue and yellow slowfall confetti over Pace grads

Tissue Confetti Sleeves - Custom 6 & 12 Packs


Dissolving Serpentine Streamers

Blue Man Group combines 6 Times Square Confetti Handheld Confetti Cannons

Kabuki Handheld Launchers

CO2 Cartridge for Handheld Launchers


Metallic Confetti Sleeves - Custom 6 & 12 Packs