Designer Confetti & Streamers: Get The Look

X-Streamers Streamer Flick Sticks create Spider-man's webs over Times Square on New Year's Eve.
AP caught this photo of Spider-man's webs, thrown over Times Square on New Year's Eve by Glasshouse Ballon Co. via our custom, all-white Streamer Flick Sticks. See how

For Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, we showered The Bachelor's Sean Lowe & Catherine Guidici with our white Tissue Rose Petals via six RC2 Cannons.

Times Square's art deco-themed confetti bursts over Kris Jenner at her 60th birthday Great Gatsby bash.

Kris Jenner threw her arms in the air when Mindy Weiss's team crowned the Happy Birthday song with a burst of our black, gold and silver confetti. Get the full Gatsby how-to's here. 

The Real launches a custom mix of our Flashy Slow-Fall Confetti: Silver Metallic highlights with white and purple Tissue.  


A targeted blast of our Multicolor Tissue Slow-Fall Confetti celebrates Jennifer Aniston's win over Lisa Kudrow in Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrity Curse Off.


For Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising's Debut Runway Show finale , we piped a pink and silver custom blend of our Flashy Slow-Fall Confetti over the dynamic catwalk via three Shot Max continuous flow blower, hidden backstage.


Our die-cut Red Rose Petals highlight the big kiss. This gorgeous effect is hand-tossed from a balcony by Jowy Productions. (Heather Kincaid Photography.)