Confetti & Streamers for Sports in Custom Team Colors

Kevin Harvick, 2015 winner of the Lowe's Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas.

(Photo: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports)


Customize your confetti & streamers for your own great moment.

Build your own custom celebration, intimate or huge, from our products below.  Or just ask us and we'll put together a Sports Kit to match your colors and your event.  

Tips:  Well-lit sports events are perfect places for metallic, tissue or flashy mix effects. Large indoor venues: Use RC2s with confetti and streamers in your competition colors.  Outdoors: Use ShotMax and Cyclone for over the top confetti celebrations. Rent our Clean-up Blower for when the crowd goes home. 

Want Disposable Cannons?

If simplicity is what you need, choose our pre-filled, multicolor effects.  Our Twist and Toss single-use cannons are priced right and available in 3 sizes to match the size of your venue. Our Champagne Bottle give you a similar effect and is especially appropriate at the post-game celebration.

Confetti Flick Sticks in Team Colors

Spirit Kit in Team Colors

6- & 12-Pack SlowFall Tissue Confetti - Team Colors 

Cheer Kit

Die-Cut Shapes

Junior Sports Starter Kit

6 & 12-Pack SlowFall Flashy Confetti - Team Colors

ShotMax Confetti Blower  - Buy or Rent

RC2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon - Buy or Rent

Cyclone Confetti Blower - Buy or Rent


Flashy Slowfall Confetti in Bulk

Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers

Tissue Slowfall Confetti in Bulk

CO2 Cartridge for Handheld Launchers

Confetti Clean Up Blower for Rent

Confetti Cleanup Blower - Rental

25' Speedload Tissue Streamers

Flashy Streamers - Custom 6 & 12 Pack