Confetti Streamers: Biodegradable, Dissolving & Shiny Metallic

Streak the Sky with Custom Serpentine Streamers.

Launch streamers and everyone will have their hands in the air to catch the flying color.  Metallic, biodegradable tissue or flashy mix.  Skinny Twins to Speedloads, to giant Stadium-styles, to streamers that dissolve in water, we have exactly the product you need to send excitement soaring.

Times Square Confetti's custom flashy skinny twin streamers15' Skinny Twins

Times Square Confetti's 18' flashy streamers

18' Flashy Streamers 

40' Stadium Streamers 

Streamers with Bubbles in Launch Sleeves

Times Square Confetti's Streamer Flick Sticks create Spiderman's Webs

Handheld Streamer Flick Sticks

 Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers

Twist & Toss Cannons

18' Dissolving Streamers

RC2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon - Buy or Rent

Confetti Clean Up Blower for Rent

Confetti Cleanup Blower - Rental