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Stadium X-Streamers Link Your Crowds to the Action

Our longest streamers reach across stadiums and concert halls and connect you to the crowd. Our Stadium X-Streamers are 2" x 40'. Choose Metallic, Tissue or Flashy mix, in lots of brilliant colors and custom color combinations.  Sold in 10" launch-ready sleeves; 5 streamers per sleeve.

Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

Kabuki Handthrow Streamers on The Office.

Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers in Wild Motion, in The Office.

Times Square Confetti bursts over Kris Jenner at her 60th birthday party.

Kris Jenner "Great Gatsby" Birthday, for Mindy Weiss Party Consultants 

Slow fluttering rectangles, soaring streamers and a full collection of petals, hearts, stars, kisses and more, cut from biodegradable tissue and shiny metallic. 

Floating confetti, arching serpentines and playful shapes cut from charcoal black biodegradable tissue and gleaming black metallic for theater effects, concert launches, party photos, sports championships, corporate conventions, and parades. Here, you'll find rose petals, kisses, hearts, poker shapes and much more, for launch, art projects or event decoration, all at our factory direct prices. 

Dramatic Black Tissue and Metallic Wedding Designer Collection

Sleeved for Launch . Bagged for Drops . Tucked into Flick Sticks . Attached to Handthrows

ABC News caught this crazy video of our bulk Multicolor Tissue Confetti flying over Times Square on New Year's Eve.  Use your mouse or touch screen for the 360-degree view.

Slowfall Confetti Cut from Brilliant Tissue, Bagged and Sold by the Pound.

    Singer/songwriter Christina Milian, YSL Beauty Club Party in LA's Ace Hotel. 

    Get Pro Tips on Which Confetti To Use When, How to Launch and How Much You'll Need.

    Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Coins by the Pound.

    Brilliant, crisp playing card shapes for poker and bridge tournaments, casino night fundraisers, and fabulous parties.

    Choose bright, biodegradable tissues or shimmering metallics. We cut these shapes to your order and ship them loose, in bags. Sold by the pound.

    Easy, Colorful Party Effects and Table Decor for Kids of All Ages.

    Five14 Church's Christmas concert launch of custom silver and white Flashy Streamers with red and green tissue Bubbles

    Cyclone Continuous Flow systems shower biodegradable slowfall confetti over Loyola Marymount University grads.

    We have every confetti & streamer launch system you need.

    Parties, cruise lines, theme parks, political conventions and sporting events -  get your launch solution here.  You choose continuous flow or single-shot to get the fill effect you're looking for.  Ask and we'll provide remote controls, cube-taps, air compressors and extension cords, too. 

    Buy now or call for weekly rental options: 818-767-7062.  Shipping additional.

    Biodegradable Multicolor Tissue Confetti over New York's Times Square.


    Professional Launchers for the "Pow" of All-At-Once Effects.

    Note: These are not toys and should be handled by responsible adults.


    Confetti and Streamer Kits: All Biodegradable Tissue, With 32" Kabuki Launcher.

    Ready-to-Launch Parade Effects, Complete with CO2.

    Our pre-themed kits are designed with the parade route in mind.  The sleeves reload quickly, so you don't miss a beat.  All are fire resistant and biodegradable.  Check back for discounts on re-fill kits, too.

    Greece Athena Middle School Theatre's Mary Poppins finale


    Pink and White Rose Petal Confetti for Cannon Launch or Hand Toss

    Tissue Pink and White Petal Cannon Launch for Orange Blossom Special Events.

    Floating Bubbles, Stormy Nights, Custom Thematic Shapes to Match Your Artistic Vision. 


    2" Floating Butterflies in Bright, Biodegradable Colors, Brilliant Metallics and Dissolvable Satin White

    We create these lovely butterflies in brilliant colors of tissue and glimmering metallics, as well as water-soluble satin white for environmentally sensitive venues. High-profile event planners choose these shapes for weddings, bridal showers, spring dances. Plan on using confetti cannons with 2"-wide barrels, such as our professional RC2 2"x20". Or, easier yet, send these pretty shapes flying with our Shot Max, Cyclone or Effects Fans. These crisp die-cuts also perfect for decorating event tabletops and art projects. We ship them to you loose, bagged by the pound.

    Custom-themed Flick Sticks let everyone launch the fun.

    Flick Sticks literally work with the flick of a wrist. These pre-filled 14" silver-wrapped tubes can be handed out or pre-set as decoration. When the moment for celebrating comes, they're ready to go. Each comes pre-loaded with 2 shots of tissue confetti (one from each end). Flick your wrist and your chosen colors fly 15' to 18'.  Turn it over and launch again for a second color flight. 

    Let Guests Celebrate the Baby

    Quantity Discounts for packs of 12 or 48. Get one per Guest.

    Confetti Flick Sticks are the perfect party prop to let the crowd announce the baby's gender. The chosen tissue color stays hidden in a silver-wrapped 14" tube.  One flick of the wrist sends slow-fall confetti flying. Turn the tube around and get a second launch. Biodegradable and fire resistant.

    Hand-Fed, Continuous Flow Machines For Long-Lasting Confetti Launches.

    You Control the Look, From Feathery to Dense, Light to Massive.

    ShotMax confetti flow effect piped in above catwalk.

    Corporate, Wedding and Party Theme Patterns in Shiny Metallic and Bright Biodegradable Tissue

      Rose petal launch for Pure Lavish (photo by Wedding Bell Studios)

      Rose petals, circles, squares, hearts, stars and more

      Glossy Circles, Squares, Stars, Petals, Hearts, Triangles, Butterflies and More

      Fluttering Squares in Biodegradable Tissues and Glossy Metallics, from 1/4" - 2"

      Skinny Twins: The "Fireworks" Effect

      15-foot Skinny Twins are ultra-thin tissue streamers. They come packed in our standard 10" confetti cannon-ready sleeves, but the 1/4" cut means you get twice as many streamers compared to regular-width serpentines. Blast them from 2" barrels. The result is a big burst of robust color and an amazing "fireworks" effect. Choose from 13 bright, biodegradable colors or a multicolor mix.

      Streak Your Sky with Serpentine Streamers.

      Cannon-Launched, Hand-Flicked and Stay-Attached Streamers in Bright Tissue, Gleaming Metallics and Dissolvable Papers.


      Broadway's New Year's Eve promotion of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, for Glasshouse Balloon Co.


      Copper Rose Gold sleeved for launch, and in bulk for drop, fountain or decor - all at our factory-direct prices.

      This rich, artistic color brings a new versatility to metallics. Distinct from yellow gold, the gleaming, fireproof paper soars, flutters, spins and decorates depending on the cut you choose. Paired with white tissue, it shines as rose gold. Paired with silver and traditional gold, it reads as copper, rounding out a strong precious metal collection. 

      Bright, Glittering Confetti Effects to Match Your Party Style.

      Gatsby-Themed Flashy MiniFetti in Baz: Star Crossed Love.

      Birthdays, fundraisers, galas, gender reveals - special occasions call for true celebratory moments.  Whatever your party, we have the right effects, from classy to playful, that will make it an event to remember.

      On Sale:  Designer Lots and Overstocks 

      Every now and then we make a few more custom cuts - and sometimes we find great party supplies at unbeatable prices.  Here's where you'll get those special deals.  Limited quantities, so when you see something that looks like your kind of party, grab it fast.

      Dissolvable confetti rose petals for weddings, beach, cruise, parade

      Dissolvable rose petals float over this oceanfront ceremony. Wedding design by Pure Lavish Events, photo by Wedding Bell Studios.

        Dissolvable confetti rose petals for weddings, beach, cruise, parade

        Dissolvable rose petals float over this oceanfront ceremony. Wedding design by Pure Lavish Events, photo by Wedding Bell Studios.

          Tissue + Metallic Slowfall Confetti Flutter, Layered in One Cannon-Ready Sleeve.

          Flashy Confetti is Perfect for Photo Ops, TV and Film Shoots, Concerts, Stage and Spot-Lit Settings.

          Silver and white confetti in launch sleeves for reality show finales

          Hell's Kitchen finale (Patrick Wymore/FOX)

          75/25 mix launches sparkling color with depth and texture.

          Metallic sparkles as it sails through bright light. Tissue's matte finish holds color in and out of the spotlights. Our Flashy Confetti packs both products into the same sleeve. Your launch delivers two looks in one fluttering rainfall, providing contrast that cameras love. Choose tone-on-tone color combinations, multicolor, patriotic tricolor or your own custom pairing. 

          • 10” confetti cannon sleeves
          • 2" x 3/4″ slow-fall fluttering confetti
          • 25% flameproof PVC; 75% fire-resistant tissue

                Metallic-Tissue Double Roll Streamer Splits Midair into Two Brilliant Looks.

                Theatrical Serpentines Sleeved in 14 Colors or Your Custom Pair, for Stage, Concert, Party, Cheer. 

                This dynamic doubling effect that carries your color theme out across your venue. You'll want a confetti cannon to launch these streamers. Choose the reloadable, remote-controlled RC2 Cannon or our Kabuki Handheld Launcher.

                    Designer Overrun Sale: Double-Rolled Tissue-Metallic Confetti Streamers.

                    Royal blue, purple or yellow tissue serpentines unleash sparkling gold strips. 

                    Breakaways! We wind biodegradable confetti serpentines around short metallic strips. The power of the launch arches the long tissue serpentine forward, while flinging out the heavier metallic. The result is a color streak that drops sparkles as it flies.

                    These colors are perfect for sports teams and schools, of course, but also for corporate conventions and dramatic, color-themed parties. The richness of the pairs will show best in brightly-lit venues and outdoor events.

                    Easy Post-Event Cleanup

                    The midair look is sensational, the cleanup hassle-free. Breakaway Streamers gather quickly (and your fans will have already grabbed many for you).

                    Forest, Apple and Lime in Individual Cuts and Complete Kits.

                    Sleeved for Launch . Bagged for Drops . Tucked into Flick Sticks . Attached to Handthrows

                    Stunning Confetti and Streamers That You Toss, Drop and Flick.

                    Kid- and Guest-Friendly, No-Propellent Effects for Party, Wedding, Theater, Parade, TV, Film and More.

                    Kris Jenner's Great Gatsby Birthday Party, produced by Mindy Weiss Party Consultants.

                    Die-Cut confetti shapes add extra polish to every event.  Whether your theme is romance or casino night, fundraiser or spring fling, we can help you put together your look.

                    We Make New Shapes, Too

                    Special leaves, tiny tools - send us your drawing and let's see what we can do. Our turnaround is pretty fast, so don't hesitate to contact us.


                    • Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
                    • Fireproof PVC metallic
                    • Bright, fresh colors
                    • Launch in RC2 cannons, E-Fan, or Shot Max and Cyclone blowers
                    • Balcony drops, confetti cradles, art projects, decor 

                    Equipment Rentals for Partiers and Pros

                    The dynamic color and movement of confetti and streamers is a powerful way to mark the high point of any event. It's the ultimate celebration of crossing the finish line. 

                    Sports championships . Film and TV effects . Election results . Grand weddings . Corporate conventions . Church conventions . Parades . Mardi Gras Krewes . Graduations . Birthdays . Retirements . Galas. Fundraisers.

                    Sometimes your organization is ready to invest in an equipment purchase. Often, rental is more practical. We rent all of our confetti cannon and launch systems. Some are for partiers. Some are for professional event staff. If you want a big look for your event, contact us to book a pro to install and launch your effect.

                    Which Do I Want?


                    1. Choose the 30" Handheld CO2 Launcher for blasts of slowfall confetti and streamers. (Want to launch die-cut shapes? We'll pre-load those for you.) Get one CO2 cartridge for each planned launch.

                    2.  Choose the E-Fan or floor-based Shot Max confetti blowers for continuous flow effects. 

                    You will get great results with minimal set up time.


                    1. RC-2 Remote-controlled Confetti Cannon and all accessories. The 2"x20" twin barrels handle die-cut shapes as well as confetti and streamers. These are appropriate for professional launch only. 

                    2. Cyclone Continuous Flow Blowers.  We have these in two sizes for your large and extra-large events.

                    3. Shot Max with C-Clamp for rigging. Hand-feed these units from a catwalk/balcony or via a PVC pipe for remote effects.

                    4. 30" Handheld CO2 Launcher.  These workhorses go on the road with concert tours, theatrical shows and all kinds of live events.  We sell CO2 cartridges in singles and by the box.

                    All equipment is rented on a 7-day basis, including delivery and return shipping time.

                      Lightning In a Cannon.

                      Metallic Sleeved Confetti creates magical sparkle. Each piece spins in slow-fall, and twinkles as it catches and reflects the light. It's ideal for outdoor and well-lit indoor events. 

                      • 3/4″ x 2″ of Flameproof PVC metallic confetti
                      • Packaged in 10" snip and pour ShotSleeve
                      • Celebration Launcher: 2-3 sleeves 
                      • RC-2 Cannon - 6 total sleeves for 1x36 cannon; 10 total sleeves for 2x20 cannon 

                      Miniature Confetti 1/4" Metallic Squares, in Bulk.

                      1/4" Square Cut Confetti in Bright Metallics, Tissues and Flashy Mix, Sold by the Pound

                      Flashy MiniFetti in Baz: Star Crossed Love at Las Vegas' Palazzo. For producer For the Record Live and Carissa Huizenga.

                      MiniFetti in Bright Metallics and Biodegradable Tissues, Sleeved for Launch.

                      Tiny 1/4" squares packed in easy snip-and-pour sleeves for cannon launch, arts and crafts, party decor. 

                      Fluffy, Bright Tissue MiniFetti - 1/4" Square Cut

                        Multicolor Metallic and Biodegradable Tissue Wedding Effects

                        Sleeved for Launch . Bagged for Drops . Tucked into Flick Sticks . Attached to Handthrows . Complete Kits


                        Celebrate with Piñata Confetti, Handthrow Streamers, Flick Sticks and More.

                        Pink tissue petal launch for Orange Blossom Special Events, Michael and Anna Costa Photographers.


                        Great Event, Little Time?

                        When your event is barreling up and time is scarce, turn to our pre-themed Confetti and Streamer Kits.  

                        • Each one includes a 32" Handheld Kabuki Launcher and enough CO2 cartridges to power launch after launch.
                        • Parade Kits feature biodegradable, all-tissue effects.
                        • Party Kits include flameproof PVC metallic for indoor sparkle.
                        • Confetti Flick Sticks let your guests shower the special person.
                        • Die-cut Shapes make table decor easy.

                        Just let us know the colors you want and we'll take it from there.  We make these kits in our Sun Valley, CA shop, so our turnaround is quick.  Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

                        Red petal confetti wedding effect for Jowy Productions
                        Red petal tissue confetti drop for Jowy Productions.

                        2016 Convention Stars & Stripes for Glasshouse Balloons. Photo by Brett Ziegler for USN&WR.


                        Get the Photo Op.

                        We've showered all the biggest political conventions, and personal veteran homecomings. Come election season, every campaign needs photo ops of flag colors streaming around your favorite candidate or cause. Nothing beats red, white and blue launches for patriotic rallies, 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran's Day.  Election season, every campaign needs photo ops of flag colors streaming around your favorite candidate or cause. 

                        Custom Rose/Yellow Gold Stay-Attached Handthrows for bride JoBeth Kunz.


                        Flutter Cuts, Spectacular Streamers, Petals, MiniFetti, and More.

                        Sleeved for Launch . Bagged for Drops . Tucked into Flick Sticks . Attached to Handthrows

                        Silver/white wedding reception, photo by Sakosan.


                        Fluttering White Tissue or Sparkling White-Silver Mix  

                        Confetti Snow: Biodegradable White Tissue Squares
                        The solid silhouettes in this Snow collection give you nice hang time - load bulk confetti into theatrical snow cradles to create stage effects, or drop by handfuls from balconies for photos. To cover a crowd, choose our Kabuki Handheld Launchers or RC2 Cannons with 2" barrels.

                        "Fireworks", Bubbles, Flashy Rolls, and Metallic Breakaways for Spectacular Streamer Effects.


                        Long Flight, Fast Re-Load.

                        Our 25-foot Speedload Tissue Streamers come in sleek, 10-inch sleeves that pour directly into Launchers as narrow as 1".  

                        Lowe's Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports)


                        Confetti Streamers Stay Looped on Your Finger for Competitions, Theater, Weddings and Parties.

                        Custom red & silver handthrows punctuate the big finish of Strictly Rhythm's "Just an Illusion" studio production number. Dancers range in age from 5 - 18 years old.

                        The perfect, no-mess streamer - no matter how wild your dance.

                        How do you create a splashy ending and still leave the place pristine? Dance competitions, chorale contests, cheer championships, even weddings - all kinds of events call for big endings. At the same time, some venues demand that the space must be left clean for the next group up. Handthrow streamers are a brilliant solution.  

                        Long, flashing metallic or custom-colored tissue ribbons are anchored inside a small tissue pouch. The pouches loop around performers' fingers and are tiny enough to hide in a child's palm. When the final moment arrives, bright color seems to erupt from nowhere.  And, as the performers vacate the stage, they simply carry the still-attached streamers off with them. The surprise wow factor cues applause. It's the perfect combination of bright finish and quick exit.

                        Off-the-shelf handthrow streamers come in multicolor or all-white tissue and are encased in a tiny plastic cup. The all-white streamers glow blue in blacklight - a great performance option. Custom colors, all-metallic and metallic/tissue mixes usually require a minimum order (2 dozen). Quick-turnaround is available even on custom orders, so don't hesitate to specify a look to enhance your theme.

                        • Multicolor and Custom Color Combinations 
                        • Blacklight Effects
                        • Tissue and Metallic, or Flashy Combination

                        NACL'S The Weather Project.  Photo by Jurgen Sheer

                          Hand-Launch Long Confetti Streamers Up to 25'.

                          18" Tubes Packed with 7' Streamers, Cut from Your Choice of Bright Metallic or Biodegradable Tissue.  

                          Add tissue bubbles or glittery flutters for dramatic float time - and cleanup is easy.

                          Here are the streamer versions of our Confetti Flick Sticks.  Hand one of these pre-filled, 18" gold tubes to each guest or sports fan.  Each Streamer Flick Stick gives you 2 shots (one from each side): Flick your wrist and color will fly 20' to 25'.  Turn the stick around and flick again for your encore. 

                          • Pure Metallic Streamers give you clear, glimmering streaks of color. 
                          • Pure Tissue Streamers for bright, all-biodegradable effects. 
                          • Metallic Streamers with Bubbles add float time to your effect: As the streamers fly, they release bright, curled tissue "bubbles" that catch air currents and float. 
                          • Tissue Streamers with Metallic Confetti Flutters add a glitter fall.

                          All versions come standard with multicolor effects. We can also create color combinations specially themed to your event. 

                          • 10 Custom Metallic Color Choices
                          • 13 Custom Tissue Color Choices


                          Curled Tissue "Bubbles" Add Float Time To Your Streamer Show.

                          The Bubble Effect is showy and theatrical.  Tiny tissue curls are laced inside brilliant streamers. As the streamers unfurl, the bubbles are released. The result is a 2-step, textured look. Streamers flash color across your space. Then, the Tissue Bubbles linger, finishing your launch with a soft, drifting effect.

                          Choose from two versions: Launcher Sleeves or Streamer Flick Stick

                          • 10" launcher-ready sleeves 

                          1. Snip open the launch sleeve. 2. Load the streamer rolls into our RC2 Confetti Cannon or TSC Handheld Launcher. 3. Send 25' tissue streamers and bubbles flying!  Choose Multicolor,  Patriotic Red, White and Blue, or create a custom mix from your choice of 13 colors.

                          • 18" Streamer Flick Stick

                          Your performers and guests launch this effect. Silver-wrapped tubes contain two launches each.  Hold the Streamer Flick Stick above your head and flick it it up and out as you would a fishing line, with a sharp snap.  

                          Remember - these are streamers!  Give yourself plenty of room and a high ceiling to enjoy this fabulous effect.


                          Instant celebration, already planned.

                          If you've never used confetti effects - or are just short on time - our ready-to-launch collections are the way to go. Each Kit has everything you need to cover your crowd with Streamers and Slow-Fall fluttering Confetti, themed with colors and materials to match your event. Or, opt for Themed Confetti Flick Sticks to let your guests join in the fun.

                          Want something custom? Just ask. 

                          Greece Athena School's Mary Poppins Confetti Streamers
                          Greece Athena Middle School launches multicolor Speedload Streamers and Slowfall Confetti for the final bow of Mary Poppins.

                            Greece Athena School's Mary Poppins Confetti Streamers

                            Greece Athena Middle School launches multicolor Speedload Streamers and Slowfall Confetti for the final bow of Mary Poppins.


                                    Confetti Twizzles and Stars at the 2016 GOP Convention.

                                    Glasshouse Balloon Co. released hundreds of pounds of these dynamic Twizzles over the 2016 GOP convention. Afterwards, news directors strategically placed individual pieces as decoration around the on-air commentators.

                                    Tissue Twizzles curve softly as they fall, creating both horizontal and vertical twirling action. The movement is captivating. Parades, parties, New Year's, stage plays - use Twizzles whenever you want a strikingly different confetti effect.

                                    Red Tissue die-cut Rose Petals spotlight the kiss. Jowy Productions, Heather Kincaid Photography.

                                    Some event planners and art directors picture big moments in brilliant color - we have those colorful looks.  For those who want a white that glistens, this silver and white flashy collection is for you.

                                    Gold/white wedding proposal, photo by Tailored Fit Photography.