Confetti & Streamers for TV & Film

Timeless - Our confetti effects on Universal Studio's New York Street help conjure up Amelia Earhart's parade for Moving Part's promo of NBC's sci fi drama.

Times Square Confetti grew up in Hollywood.

For 20+ years, we've turned dazzling confetti and streamer effects around in 24 hours for TV and film projects. In fact, our parent company, Bill Ferrell Co., invented most of the launchers used throughout the industry today. We ship to prop departments, effects crews and art directors nationwide and around the world.

TV & Film pros need repeatable effects in quantities they directly control. Generally that means rental equipment and bulk, loose confetti of all types. Skip the all-metallic collections - you'll get a better camera shot with Flashy tissue/metallic mixes for on-screen glimmer, or Tissue for matte looks.

Blacklight Effects

Create your blacklight or dream effects with our all-White Tissue: Speedload Streamers, Slowfall Confetti, die-cut Shapes and stay-attached Handthrow Streamers. Or, choose a neon orange look.

Ticker Tape Effects

Vintage Ticker Tape Parade scenes call for short tissue streamers that unravel quickly. Typically, blowers placed off-camera do the trick. Contact us to discuss custom lengths and launcher solutions.

Reality Show Cannon Gags

We keep a special set of RC2 cannons set aside for TV & Film professionals' non-confetti uses. Cleaning fees apply.

TV/film effects fans blow snow, confetti, fog. For sale and rent

ShotMax continuous flow confetti blower for wedding, party, parade, TV/film

ShotMax Confetti Blower - Buy or Rent

Professional 2-barrel confetti and streamer cannon for sale and rent

RC2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon - Buy or Rent

Cyclone confetti blower for large-scale sports, convention, graduation, election effects

Cyclone Confetti Blower - Buy or Rent

Art deco confetti falls on Kris Jenner, designed for Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

Flashy Slowfall Confetti in Bulk

The Office TV show flings our Kabuki stay-attached handthrow streamers

Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers

Neil Patrick Harris TV show with Times Square's slowfall tissue confetti

Tissue Slowfall Confetti in Bulk

Times Square's confetti flutters around Hillary Clinton in 2016

Patriotic Collections

Biodegradable rose petals cascade during The Bachelor live TV wedding

Wedding Collections

Flashy metallic/tissue miniature confetti splashes over Baz: Star Crossed Love in Las Vegas

Metallic & Tissue MiniFetti

Flashy double-roll metallic and tissue streamers for TV/film, theater, cheer

Flashy Streamers

Blue Man Group launches Skinny Twin Streamers from Kabuki launchers

25' Speedload Tissue Streamers

Spider-Man white tissue streamers over New York

Hand Launch Effects

Complete Parade Kits: Bright, biodegradable confetti and streamers, Kabuki launcher, CO2

Parade Collections

Flashy metallic and tissue confetti flutters over daytime TV

6 & 12 Pack SlowFall Confetti - Custom Sleeves