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Confetti and Streamers: Hand-Launch Tricks

Dazzling Effects That You Toss, Launch and Flick By Hand.

No-Propellent Options for Small, Large and Extra-Large Events.

Weddings, sports, conventions, birthdays, dances, New Year's, choirs, retirements, gender reveals...Whenever you want the crowd to celebrate, distribute one of these options:

  • 14" Confetti Flick Sticks: Two full launches shower slow-fall, fluttering rectangles of tissue, PVC metallic or a Flashy mix of your choice.
  • 18" Streamer Flick Sticks: Two full streamer launches of 7' tissue ribbons, metallic ribbons, or a Flashy combo of both.
  • Stay-Attached Streamers: Long ribbons of metallic, tissue or both, stay attached to tiny cups or tissue pouches.
Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers in NACL Theatre's production of The Weather Project.

Flick Streamers or Hand Toss Confetti From Above

Balcony, rafters, rooftop, rigging, bridge: When you have the chance to stand above the crowd, use elevation and breeze conditions to create your effect with bulk confetti.

  • Bulk Tissue Confetti - this is the New Year's look.
  • Confetti Shapes - Shower a wedding couple with tissue petals or hearts. Float butterflies on an Easter parade. Fling red, white and blue over a convention crowd.

Streamer Flick Sticks created webs for Glasshouse Balloons' promotion of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.