Confetti and Streamers for Concerts and Live Theater

Theatrical Confetti and Streamer Effects for Stage, Concert, and Live Events.  

Blacklight, Biodegradable Tissue and Flashy Metallics in Custom Colors and Shapes to Shower Your Show.

Professional productions, yes - and kids, too: Greece Athena Middle School Theatre's Mary Poppins finale.

As a family of theater and music pros, we know you need the biggest visual impact for the right price.  You can buy our cannons - and rental is smart, too.  Skip all-Metallic for dim lighting - go Flashy or Tissue instead.  Choose Streamers to link the crowd with fast-clean up wow factor.  Use controlled Confetti for theatrical special effects (think red and black tissue for blood). Go big confetti for over the top act closers and concert finale.  Remember - get enough for rehearsals.