Sports and Schools: Confetti & Streamers in Custom Colors

Confetti and Streamer Effects To Match Your School and Sports Team.

Lowe's Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Jerome Miron, USA TODAY Sports)

Customize your confetti and streamers for your own great moments.

Build your own custom celebration, intimate or huge, from our products below.  Or just ask us and we'll put together a School or Sports collection to match your colors and your event.  

Design and Launch Tips:  

Indoor venues: Use Kabuki Handheld Launchers to send metallic, tissue or flashy mix confetti and streamers soaring in your competition colors. Choose individual Flick Sticks for crowd participation.

Outdoors: Use biodegradable tissue or dissolving confetti with Blowers: ShotMax and Cyclone for over the top confetti celebrations.

Custom Confetti Shapes

To make the most of closeups and marketing photographs, check out our Confetti Shapes, then contact us. We can create custom dies specific to your mascot or event theme.