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Custom Confetti Shapes

Confetti Logos, Animals, Party Shapes and More.

Contact Us to Design Unique Die Cuts, in Shining Metallic or Bright Tissue.

Contact Us to Design Unique Die Cuts, in Shining Metallic or Bright Tissue. From product launch to brand marketing to movie promotion to extra-special party, every detail is important. Unique die-cuts that depict your product or match your celebration's theme and color scheme grab the crowd's attention, and the camera crew's, too. Shapes are generally 2" and delivered bagged, in bulk for cannon launch, table decor or hand toss. Wide barrels 2" in diameter make for the easiest loading. If you're using narrower barrels, such as our Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launcher, we can load that for you. You choose the color of bright, biodegradable tissue or shining metallic. Turnaround takes a few weeks, so contact us early with your design thoughts, to get pricing and timing.

The creation of the die itself costs $300-$600, depending on the complexity of your shape. The die creation is separate from your cut confetti.

The cost of your cut confetti depends on material (tissue, metallic or both), the number of pounds you need, the confetti size and complexity.

One pound.

Not complicated. The best is a solid silhouette.

2 inches

Plan about 5 weeks ahead. We need at least 3 weeks to complete your order, and then you'll want to leave plenty of time for shipping.

Custom mix with a Cyclone Launcher in action!