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Flashy Confetti Sleeves


Flashy Confetti Sleeves

Tissue + Metallic Slowfall Confetti Flutter, Layered in One Cannon-Ready Sleeve.

Flashy Confetti is Perfect for Photo Ops, TV and Film Shoots, Concerts, Stage and Spot-Lit Settings.

Silver and white confetti in launch sleeves for reality show finales

Hell's Kitchen finale (Patrick Wymore/FOX)

75/25 mix launches sparkling color with depth and texture.

Metallic sparkles as it sails through bright light. Tissue's matte finish holds color in and out of the spotlights. Our Flashy Confetti packs both products into the same sleeve. Your launch delivers two looks in one fluttering rainfall, providing contrast that cameras love. Choose tone-on-tone color combinations, multicolor, patriotic tricolor or your own custom pairing. 

  • 10” confetti cannon sleeves
  • 2"  x 3/4″ slow-fall fluttering confetti
  • 25% flameproof PVC; 75% fire-resistant tissue