Dissolvable Rose Petals, Streamers & Confetti

Dissolvable confetti rose petals for weddings, beach, cruise, parade

Dissolvable rose petals float over this oceanfront ceremony. Wedding design by Pure Lavish Events, photo by Wedding Bell Studios.

Satin-White Petals, Streamers & Slowfall Confetti Vanish in Water

Beach weddings, river cruises, creekside picnics - environmentally-sensitive venues require sensitive handling. These beautiful rice paper petal shapes, serpentines and slowfall rectangles create the same lovely, fluttering look as our regular biodegradable tissue.  The added benefit: They all dissolve in water, and clean-up concerns disappear with them.

Want a different shape? Certainly. Just reach out.

  • Dissolving Slowfall Confetti and Streamers are priced in 10" cannon-ready sleeves.
  • Dissolving Rose Petals are priced by the pound.