Tissue Streamers: 25' Kabuki Speedloaders

Confetti Streamers in Bright, Solid Tissues and Custom-Color Pairs.

Satiny, Biodegradable Serpentines Load Fast and Fly Far.

Greece Athena School's Mary Poppins Confetti Streamers

Greece Athena Middle School launches multicolor Speedload Streamers and Slowfall Confetti for the final bow of Mary Poppins.

Our 25' Kabuki Speedload Streamers come in 13 bright colors of fire-resistant tissue. Packed into sleek, 10" sleeves, they slide easily into launchers as narrow as one inch. To load any cannon: Snip the plastic open, pour the streamers in, recycle the sleeve. It's that easy. Can't decide on just one color? Build your own set of 2-color packs and get a discount price, too. 

Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

  • Use 2 sleeves per launch for 20" barrels; 3 sleeve for 32" barrels.

RC-2 Pro Cannons

  • Use 8 sleeves for 2" x 20" cannon (4 per barrel)
  • Use 4 sleeves for 1" x 36" cannon (2 per barrel)