25' Kabuki Tissue Speedload Streamers

Satiny, Biodegradable Serpentines Load Fast and Fly Far.

Our 25' Kabuki Speedload Streamers come in 13 bright colors of fire-resistant tissue. Packed into sleek, 10" sleeves, they slide easily into launchers as narrow as one inch. To load any cannon: Snip the plastic open, pour the streamers in, recycle the sleeve. It's that easy. Can't decide on just one color? Build your own set of 2-color packs and get a discount price, too. 

Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

  • Use 2 sleeves per launch

RC-2 Pro Cannons

  • Use 8 sleeves for 2" x 20" cannon (4 per barrel)
  • Use 4 sleeves for 1" x 36" cannon (2 per barrel)