Shapes by the Pound

"Stars and Stripes" die-cut confetti showers 2016 political convention. Confetti effect produced for GlassHouse Balloon Co. Photo by Brett Zeigler for USN&WR.

  Confetti Shapes add the final polish.

Every detail of a celebration is important. For extra special events, having confetti Shapes that match your theme and color scheme adds that extra polish. You choose the Shape, the color and the material just right for you.

Combine shapes for unique looks

Times Square's Stars & Stripes effect is a great example of how to combine shapes to get exactly the look you want. In the photo above, red, white and blue biodegradable tissue Stars and Twizzles create an American Flag look. The combination is perfect for the 4th of July, political rallies and conventions, Memorial Day Parades, Veteran's Day and more.


  • Materials:  Biodegradable, Fire-Resistant Tissue or Flame-Proof PVC Metallic
  • Use in:  Hand toss, table decoration balcony or confetti cradle drop, or RC-2 launch with 2"x20" barrels