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Confetti Party Theme Shapes in Bulk

    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti & Streamer Kit Valentine & Wedding Confetti Launcher Kit: Confetti, Streamers, Fluttering Hearts
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      Complete Valentine Starter Kit, with Kabuki Handheld Launcher, Biodegradable Tissue Effects and Metallic Hearts.

      Flutter Love In the Air with the 6-Launch "Kiss Kit."

      Sweethearts everywhere are smitten with this package. The sparkle and romance of red metallic die cut hearts combined with the soaring, flowering effect of 1/4" wide Skinny Twin Streamers, plus clouds of Slow-Fall tissue and metallic confetti put the fabulous finishing touch on weddings, engagements, Valentine's, anniversaries and any time you want romance in the atmosphere.

      Kiss Kit Details

      This Kiss Kit includes everything you need for 6 sweet launches, plus glimmering red metallic hearts for table decor and hand-tossed effects:

      • 1 – 32 Kabuki Handheld Launcher
      • 1 – 18” Sleeve of white Skinny Twin biodegradable tissue streamers
      • 1 – 18” Sleeve of cerise Skinny Twin biodegradable tissue streamers
      • 1 – 18” Sleeve of red Slow-Fall metallic confetti
      • 1 – 18” Sleeve of white Slow-Fall biodegradable tissue confetti
      • 1 –  Sleeve of die cut red Metallic Hearts (hand toss and table decor)
      • 1 –18” Sleeve of hot pink Slow-Fall biodegradable tissue confetti
      • 6 – 16-gram CO2 cartridges

      NOTE: CO2 ships within the Continental USA only. If you're outside of that area, we will send your kit and refund the cost of the cartridges. Your local sporting goods store likely has similar cartridges in stock.

      Kabuki Confetti Launcher Loading Tips

      This lovely mix of effects calls for different cannon-loading techniques. The confetti comes in Snip-and-Pour plastic sleeves. Just drizzle the confetti straight into the launcher's barrel.

      To load Skinny Twins: use a funnel or set the sleeve on a flat surface next to the launcher.  Slice the sleeve open along its length.  Stuff the streamers directly into the launcher. See the Blue Man Group's stage crew using the funnel technique here.

      Time for Launcher Refills?

      Once you own the Kabuki Handheld Launcher, you’ll use it all the time. Birthdays, parades, children's theater, church choir concert - this easy to use refillable cannon will be your go-to tool for instant, boisterous fun. Remember - it is not a toy. The Handheld Launcher should always be under the control of a responsible adult.


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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Multicolor / Metallic / 1 Pound Bulk Metallic Confetti Hearts, 1 Pound Bulk
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        Shimmering Heart Confetti by the Pound.

        2" artistic metallic shapes for weddings, Valentine's, spring dances, decoration, art projects and more.

        When you want to project your romantic themes large scale, get these die-cut hearts in bulk. Metallic shapes have a quicker fall time than tissue products: First select your launch technique, then make sure you've ordered enough hearts to fill your planned confetti time.

        Ask and we'll load these into one of our Kabuki Celebration Launchers for you. To load them yourself, it's easiest to choose a cannon with a 2" barrel, such as our RC2 2" x 20" confetti cannon. Even easier: blow the shapes with our Shot Max, Cyclone and Effects Fan. Or drop from balconies and confetti/snow cradles.

        For 1" barrels, gently curve 1/4" stacks and slide them into your cannon. This will best preserve the shape and give you broad distribution. Be sure to use a lifter.

        Metallic Hearts: Color Choices

        Select from red, cerise, silver, black, gold, rose gold, cobalt blue, royal purple, orange, green and rose gold. 

        Product Details:

        • Sold loose in bags
        • Priced by the pound
        • 2" Die Cut Hearts
        • Flameproof PVC metallic

          Video Tip: Create a Matte Backdrop With Tissue Confetti

          The best way to capture these glittering shapes on TV, film, video and in photographs is to set them off against contrasting slowfall tissue confetti flutter. Choose a complementary color from a range of different shades.

          Note: We cut these shapes especially to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and they are non-returnable.

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        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Metallic Confetti Stars
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          Glimmering Metallic Confetti Stars, in Bulk.

          2" Die-Cut Shapes Are Bagged Loose and Priced Per Pound.

          Our 2" Metallic Stars are launched by 2" barrel confetti cannon, tossed from balconies or snow cradles or used in art projects. Sold by the pound, these 10 brilliant colors celebrate your favorite holiday, team, graduate, cause or special guest.

          Solid Color Choices

          Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Cobalt Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Red, Green, Hot Pink, Purple. 

          Prefer a multicolor mix? Click here.

          How to Launch Confetti Stars

          Consider the look you want.  

          • Snow cradles will give you a light, sifted look.
          • Use the RC2 remote-controlled cannon with 20" x 2" barrels for a blast of stars.
          • Shot Max electric continuous blowers give you directional control - for instance, up and over a scenic wall.
          • Cyclone blowers are right for large-scale effects. They provide a minute's continuous flow.
          • Effects Fan broadly disperses your effect for as long as you hand-feed it.

          Confetti Stars Details

          • Confetti stars, 2" die-cut
          • Sold by the pound
          • Fireproof PVC metallic

          Confetti Creative: Add Contrasting Motion

          Add texture to your star-fall by adding spiraling tissue Twizzles.

          Consolidated Packaging

          We combine pounds of the same color into a single bag whenever possible.

          We cut our star confetti from fresh papers in our Sun Valley, CA shop especially to your order. They are non-returnable. 
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        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Multicolor / 0.5
          Quick shop

          Tiny Round Confetti in Colorful Biodegradable Tissue, by the Pound.

          Use in Balloons and Crafts, Hand-toss or Launch for Playful Flutter. Solid Colors, Multicolor and Your Custom Mix.

          These 1/2" tissue circles create moods from energetic to subtle, depending on your color scheme. Clients order fascinating mixes of different shades and put them to use as corporate event decoration, in fine art projects, and theatrical effects in stage musicals and plays. 

          Tips for Launching Tissue Circles

          Confetti Blowers disperse the 0.5" tissue circles over a broad area. Rings of floor fans suspend keep them fluttering midair.

          For a higher launch, pour these into the sturdy Kabuki Handheld Launchers or RC2 1x36 twin barrel confetti cannons.

          Choose your colors: 

          Lavender, pink, hot pink, white, black, red, blue, turquoise, purple, orange, green, lime, yellow, coral, apple green. You can also get standard multicolor, patriotic red, white & blue, and 2-tone custom mixtures.

          For custom colors pre-mixed in the same bag:

          Select 2 colors and note them in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

          1/2" Tissue Circle Confetti Details

          • Sold by the pound
          • Fire-resistant, biodegradable tissue
          • Atmospheric launch in Shot Max and Cyclone Blowers
          • Flutter fall via RC2 1x36 reloadable cannon or Kabuki Handheld Launcher
          • Snow cradle drop
          • Art projects, decor

          Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

          Confetti Creative: Add Texture With Metallics

          Adding 1-inch Metallic Circles to your mix creates texture and glitter.  Also, by their weight, metallic circles help keep tissue table decor in place.  

          We cut these circles especially to your order and they are non-returnable.
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        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Dissolving Confetti Rose Petals, 1 Pound Bulk
          Quick shop

          Vanishing Confetti Petals for Sensitive Venues, Bagged Loose.

          Rose-shaped, satin-white rose petals dissolve in water.

          Beach weddings, creekside parties, garden venues - all of these event sites need special care. While 100% of our tissue products are biodegradable, such especially sensitive environments call for water-soluble effects.

          Your gorgeous, die-cut petals are cut from satin-white rice paper. Drop them from a balcony. Launch them with a cannon. Sprinkle them over your tables. Your guests will be thrilled and your photographs beautiful. The rice paper will dissolve in water - so any that falls in the ocean, creek, river, lagoon, or pool will simply disappear. In gardens, irrigation sprinkles or hose watering will do the same.

          Confetti Creative: Add Vanishing Slowfall Rectangles for Texture

          Consider a dual look: Combine your petals with vanishing confetti in the RC-2 Cannon's 2" wide barrels. The difference in float time adds extra depth to your photographs and video.

          Dissolvable Petal Details

          • Die-cut rice paper petals
          • Sold by the pound
          • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

          After the Party

          Slip the petals into your Thank You notes for a polished, thematic finish to your special event.

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          • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Tissue Confetti Rose Petals in 1 Pound Bulk
            Quick shop

            Fluttering Confetti Petals in Solid and Custom Color Mixes, Sold by the Pound.

            Romantic, Biodegradable Rose Petals: Wedding Designers' Favorites. 

            Tissue die-cut 2" Petals are hugely popular for weddings, engagements, and spring parties.  Launch them with our RC-2's 2"x20" barrels for a cloud effect, or drop from balconies or snow cradles to spotlight certain people.

            You Choose Your Color

            White, black, pink, red, hot pink, yellow, orange, purple, lavender, royal blue, turquoise blue, forest green, lime green, apple green, coral.

            Die-Cut Tissue Rose Petal Details

            • Sold in 1 lb. bags
            • Flame resistant and biodegradable
            • Launch, toss or use as table decoration

            How To Launch Die-Cut Petals

            The generous size of these tissue petals gives them nice float time. You'll want to take care sliding them into confetti cannons, to make sure they retain their crisp form. The easiest launch? Load them into RC-2 with 2" x 20" twin barrels.

            For narrow cannons, such as the Kabuki Handheld Launcher, curve the shape softly before slipping it into the barrel.

            Don't forget the hand-toss option. Event specialists often select a small crew to toss the effects from a high vantage point.

            Use Enough Confetti - and Enough Cannons

            You've seen us create die-cut shape effects for The Bachelor and other high-profile weddings. (See the gorgeous pink petal look here, designed for Orange Blossom Special Events. Michael + Anna Costa took the photo.)  Generally, we set up four to six RC-2 cannons for these shots. Lesson: If you want a true shower, go big.

            Note: We cut these shapes especially to your order and they are non-returnable.


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          • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Multicolor / 0.5
            Quick shop

            1/2" Round Confetti Dots in High-Gloss Metallics, by the Pound.

            Use in Balloons, for Crafts & Table Decor, or Launch for Quick, Glittery Brilliance.

            Our smallest Metallic Circles come in brilliant solid colors, plus pre-mixed multicolor and your own custom combinations. 

            Photo, Video and Stage Effects

            Launched, these circles will create a quick rainfall effect. For light looks, sprinkle them into the airstream of an Effects Fan or rock through a snow cradle. For a background cascade of color, load these via funnel into our Handheld Launchers or RC-2 cannons.

            • 1/2" diameter die-cut circles
            • Sold bagged by the pound
            • Flame-proof PVC metallic

              Colors: Multicolor, Gold, Rose Gold/Copper, Silver, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Black and Hot Pink.

              Do You Need a Unique Color Combination? 

              No problem. Choose "Custom Mix." Pick 2 or 3 colors and note your choices at in the Special Instructions Box checkout. 

              Confetti Creative: Add Flutter

              Create a two-step look with one cannon shot. Add 2" Tissue Circles to your launch load. The tiny metallic circles will rain down, followed by the tissue's lingering color.

              Note: We cut our circles especially for your order and they are non-returnable.
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              • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Multicolor / 1 Pound Bulk / Biodegradable Tissue Confetti Triangles: Tissue Twizzles 3.5
                Quick shop

                Twirling Confetti Twizzles in Solid, Multicolor and Custom Color Mixes.

                3.5" Elongated Triangle Confetti - Biodegradable, Sustainably-Sourced, and Fire-Resistant. 

                Tissue Twizzles' spinning action makes color flicker.

                The dynamic action of our Twizzles confetti is unbeatable. These long triangles spin as they fall, so they constantly flicker color.

                Beyond parties, we've watched clients use these in art installations and performance art. The mid-air movement is strikingly different from rectangular confetti and captivates crowds.

                These pieces measure approx. 3.5” long. We cut them out of fresh, bright, biodegradable tissue.  We have all our colors in stock – you can mix and match  to get exactly the look you want.  

                Biodegradable Tissue Confetti Colors  

                Solid Colors: Turquoise, royal blue, red, orange, pink, hot pink, yellow, green, lime, lavender, purple, white, black.

                Mixes: Multicolor and Patriotic red, white and blue

                Unique Color Combinations: Choose "Custom Mix" from the dropdown menu, then tell us your choices in the note box at check-out.

                How To Launch Triangle Confetti

                This design is very responsive. They're not heavy enough to hand toss, but hand drop certainly works, even from just ladder height.

                The Kabuki Celebration Launcher and the professional RC2 1"x36" confetti cannon work well for Twizzles. Slip them lightly into the barrels to best preserve their shape. They also feed easily into electric Shot Max blowers.

                3.5 Tissue Twizzles Product Details

                • Elongated triangle cut
                • Fire-resistant, sustainably-sourced, biodegradable tissue
                • Sold in bulk and priced by the pound
                • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop


                Twizzles are cut specially to your order and are not returnable. 
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