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Dissolving Confetti Rose Petals, 1 Pound Bulk

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Vanishing Confetti Petals for Sensitive Venues, Bagged Loose.

Rose-shaped, satin-white rose petals dissolve in water.

Beach weddings, creekside parties, garden venues - all of these event sites need special care. While 100% of our tissue products are biodegradable, such especially sensitive environments call for water-soluble effects.

Your gorgeous, die-cut petals are cut from satin-white rice paper. Drop them from a balcony. Launch them with a cannon. Sprinkle them over your tables. Your guests will be thrilled and your photographs beautiful. The rice paper will dissolve in water - so any that falls in the ocean, creek, river, lagoon, or pool will simply disappear. In gardens, irrigation sprinkles or hose watering will do the same.

Confetti Creative: Add Vanishing Slowfall Rectangles for Texture

Consider a dual look: Combine your petals with vanishing confetti in the RC-2 Cannon's 2" wide barrels. The difference in float time adds extra depth to your photographs and video.

Dissolvable Petal Details

  • Die-cut rice paper petals
  • Sold by the pound
  • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

After the Party

Slip the petals into your Thank You notes for a polished, thematic finish to your special event.