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Cyclone Confetti Blower for Pros

Cyclone Confetti Blower for Pros

The Cyclone Launches a Pound of Confetti Per Minute into the Air. 

Self-contained unit creates a confetti fountain for large-scale sports, graduations, conventions and more. 

For Sale and Rent. Call us for pricing: 818-767-7062.

Cyclone is a self-contained, high-volume, continuous flow confetti launcher for pros.  Each second, it shoots a pound of confetti 30 feet into the air. The dynamic, ongoing wind keeps sending the confetti higher and higher, so the cloud stays airborne for several minutes. 

Cyclone launchers send Loyola Marymount University's new graduates into the world in grand style. 

We sell, and rent the Cyclone by the week, and we ship nationwide. 

How to Power the Cyclone Blower

The Cyclone runs on compressed air.  

  • For extended launches: Use an industrial air compressor 
  • For one-time launches of 60 seconds or less: CO2 bottles work fine. We sell and rent these bottles separately. Due to shipper restrictions, however, they must be picked up in our Sun Valley, CA shop. For events elsewhere, you'll want to make your own CO2 arrangements.

Noise Tip

The effect is spectacular. It's appropriate for large, boisterous settings where noise adds to the celebration. 

Call Us for Pricing: 818-767-7062

Custom mix with a Cyclone Launcher in action!