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Confetti Flick Sticks: Flashy Gold, Rose Gold or Silver - Bulk Discount Bundles

$ 36.02
In Stock
Color Gold & White
Size Pack of 12
Material Metallic Tissue Mix


14" Silver Tubes Packed with White and Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Confetti.

Elegant Wands Hand Launch Flashy Rectangle Mix 18' in the Air. Sold in Pre-Discounted Bundles.

  • 2 launches each covers 15-18 feet
  • 14" biodegradable tube
  • Sold in packs of 12, 48, 72, 144
  • 75% biodegradable, fire resistant tissue confetti
  • 25% flameproof metallic confetti                                
  • Use: Outdoors or Indoors (best effect with fairly high ceilings)

    Confetti Flick Sticks are the perfect way to let guests celebrate big moments, grand entrances, mad dances or getaway dashes.  

    Times Square Confetti Flick Sticks can be handed out, pre-set at seats or used as part of table decor. When the moment for celebrating comes, they're ready to go.  The Tissue Confetti is pre-loaded color in a silver-wrapped 14" tube.  One flick of the wrist sends white rectangles flying. Turn the tube around and flick a second launch.

    The Flick Stick's Confetti is biodegradable and fire resistant, and made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

      Custom Color Options  

      Looking to match your color theme?  See our Custom Flashy Confetti Flick Sticks.

      Color Note:  Confetti at each tip of the tube is all-tissue, to keep the metallic safely inside until launch.

      Looking for more hand-launch ideas?  

      Check out our Streamer Flick Sticks and our stay-attached Handthrow Streamers. They also come in custom colors to match your themed events.

      Note: All Flashy Confetti  Sticks are custom created for you and are non-returnable.