Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers

Stay-Attached Confetti Streamers for Competitions, Theater, Weddings and Parties.

Custom red & silver handthrows punctuate the big finish of Strictly Rhythm's "Just an Illusion" studio production number. Dancers range in age from 5 - 18 years old.

The perfect, no-mess streamer - no matter how wild your dance.

How do you create a splashy ending and still leave the place pristine? Dance competitions, chorale contests, cheer championships, even weddings - all kinds of events call for big endings. At the same time, some venues demand that the space must be left clean for the next group up.

Handthrow streamers are a brilliant solution.  

Long, flashing metallic or custom-colored tissue ribbons are anchored inside a small tissue pouch. The pouches loop around performers' fingers and are tiny enough to hide in a child's palm. When the final moment arrives, bright color seems to erupt from nowhere.  And, as the performers vacate the stage, they simply carry the still-attached streamers off with them. The surprise wow factor cues applause. It's the perfect combination of bright climax and quick exit.

Off-the-shelf handthrow streamers come in multicolor or all-white tissue and are encased in a tiny plastic cup. The all-white streamers glow in blacklight - a great performance option. Custom colors, all-metallic and metallic/tissue mixes usually require a minimum order (2 dozen). Quick-turnaround is available even on custom orders, so don't hesitate to specify a look to enhance your theme.

  • Multicolor and Custom Color Combinations 
  • All-White Tissue for Weddings, Showers, Theater & Concert performance blacklight effects
  • Fireproof
  • Tissue and Metallic, or Flashy combination
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Quantity Discount 

NACL'S The Weather Project.  Photo by Jurgen Sheer