Confetti Circles: Tissue and Metallic, in Bulk

Die-Cut Circles in Brilliant PVC and Biodegradable Tissue, by the Pound.

We cut confetti circles in 5 different diameters, from 0.5" to 2". They come in brilliant solid colors, plus multicolor and patriotic red, which and blue. You can also create your own custom color mix in your choice of finish. Choose from high-gloss or matte finishes, or a combination of both.

We sell these loose, bagged by the pound. Clients pour them into confetti cannons, spread them across museum displays, scatter them across corporate event tables, fan them as photo backdrops.

Confetti Circles Product Details 

  • Packaged loose in bags
  • Priced by the pound
  • Appropriate for confetti cannon launch, arts and crafts, displays and party decor
  • Cut from flame-proof PVC metallic or fire-resistant, biodegradable tissue