Tissue Confetti in Sleeves

Slowfall Tissue Confetti, Cannon-Ready.

Bright, Biodegradable Rectangles Create Long-Floating Clouds of Color.

Greece Athena School's Mary Poppins Confetti Streamers
Greece Athena Middle School launches multicolor Speedload Streamers and Slowfall Confetti for the final bow of Mary Poppins.

Our Slow-Fall, Tissue Sleeved Confetti spins on its axis for a long-lasting cloud effect.  It's ideal for outdoor and indoor events, showing good color even in dim light. 

  • 10-inch sleeve of 3/4″ x 2″ Slow-Fall Fluttering Confetti, biodegradable and fire resistant.
  • Celebration Launcher: 2 sleeves for the 20" version; 3 sleeves for the 32" barrel.
  • RC-2 Cannon: 4 total sleeves for 1x36 cannon; 8 total sleeves for 2x20 cannon.