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Stay-Attached Handthrow Confetti Streamers: Bright White

$ 2.98
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Size 1 Handthrow Streamer
Color White


Tiny Cup Packed with Dozens of Thin, Biodegradable White Streamers. 

15' Tissue Streamers Anchored to Palm-Size Cup - Magical Effect with No Cleanup Required.

Slide your finger through the loop. Turn the cup with its lid facing up. Peel off the lid and set your thumb across the streamers to hold them in place. When the big moment comes, toss your hand up and out. Dozens of bright white streamers will cascade "out of nowhere." The dynamic waterfall effect of these slender serpentines makes for great photos. 

Perfect for Competition Stage or Picky Wedding Venue.

The signature feature of these Handthrow Streamers is that they stay attached. They are particularly good for hotels and sensitive wedding venues that otherwise nix even dissolving streamer effects. They are also perfect for dance performances and choral competitions that demand each act leave the stage pristine.

Confetti Creative: Bridal Arch to Blacklight Effect

  • These bright white streamers are stunning under blacklight and have been used to magical effect by Hollywood art directors in dream sequences.
  • Hand one to each wedding guest and have them toss in succession to create exit arches for brides and grooms.

Handthrow Streamer Details: 

  • Dozens of 15' serpentines pre-attached to clear plastic cup
  • Flameproof and biodegradable tissue
  • Sold singly and in discounted packs of 12 and 48