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Streamers with Bubbles


Streamers with Bubbles

Curled Tissue "Bubbles" Add Float Time To Your Streamer Show.

The Bubble Effect is showy and theatrical.  Tiny tissue curls are laced inside brilliant streamers. As the streamers unfurl, the bubbles are released. The result is a 2-step, textured look. Streamers flash color across your space. Then, the Tissue Bubbles linger, finishing your launch with a soft, drifting effect.

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Choose from two versions: Launcher Sleeves or Streamer Flick Stick

  • 10" launcher-ready sleeves 

1. Snip open the launch sleeve. 2. Load the streamer rolls into our RC2 Confetti Cannon or TSC Handheld Launcher. 3. Send 25' tissue streamers and bubbles flying!  Choose Multicolor,  Patriotic Red, White and Blue, or create a custom mix from your choice of 13 colors.

  • 18" Streamer Flick Stick

Your performers and guests launch this effect. Silver-wrapped tubes contain two launches each.  Hold the Streamer Flick Stick above your head and flick it it up and out as you would a fishing line, with a sharp snap.  

Remember - these are streamers!  Give yourself plenty of room and a high ceiling to enjoy this fabulous effect.