New Year's Eve

Get the drop on New Year’s Eve

MiniFetti splashes as champagne in the Las Vegas production of Baz: Star Crossed Love

As soon as November hits, we know you’re wrapped up in – well, shopping for fabulous holiday presents. If you’re already in shopping mode…New Year’s is barreling up, too! What’s New Year’s Eve without Confetti?

Can we add “Party” to your list?

We’ll set you up with great personal party props so your guests ring in 2016 with soaring color: Flashy streamers and fluttering, slow-fall rectangles launched by Streamer and Confetti Flick Sticks. Launchers disguised as Champagne Bottles. Twist & Toss Disposable Cannons. The whole works.

If you're working with a particular theme - or need table sparkle to amp up the bling, check out our die-cut Shapes and Mini Fetti.