Actor Props: Hand-Launch Confetti and Streamers

Individual Confetti and Streamer Props for TV, Film, Stage and Competition.

Kabuki Handthrow Streamers on The Office.
Kabuki Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers in Wild Motion, in The Office.

From Stay-Attached Streamers to Holographic Flash, Confetti Hand Props Create Big On-Camera Moments.

This collection features hand-launched effects that your performers can handle easily during over-the-top onscreen and onstage scenes. Here, you'll find no-cleanup and quick clean options perfect for retakes. And fluttering shapes in bulk for live streaming and really big scenes where one take is all you'll need.

Custom Colors, Fast Turnaround.

We make these in our Sun Valley, CA factory, so creating your props in custom colors is no problem. We ship to prop departments, effects crews and art directors nationwide and around the world. Our work-week turnaround time for custom colors is generally 24 hours. 

Walk-Ins are Welcome.