Graduation Day Confetti & Streamers in Custom Colors

X Streamers confetti effects launch at Pace University graduation, NY

Congratulations Pace University Westchester graduates!


Tell Us Your School Colors

Build your own custom celebration, intimate or huge, from our products below.  Or just ask us and we'll build a Graduation Kit to match your event.  

Tips:  Small, carpeted auditoriums: Use handheld launchers with Flashy Streamer effects for sparkling low-light color and easy clean up. Large indoor venues: Use RC2s with custom confetti and streamers.  Outdoors: Use ShotMax and Cyclone for over the top confetti celebrations.

Confetti Flick Sticks in Custom Colors

Spirit Kit in Custom Colors

6- & 12-Pack SlowFall Confetti - Custom Sleeves 

ShotMax Confetti Blower - Buy or Rent

RC2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon - Buy or Rent

Cyclone Confetti Blower - Buy or Rent

Flashy Slowfall Confetti in Bulk

Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers

Tissue Slowfall Confetti in Bulk

CO2 Cartridge for Celebration Launchers

Confetti Clean Up Blower for Rent

 Confetti Clean-Up Blower - Rental

25' Speedload Tissue Streamers

 Flashy Streamers - Custom 6 & 12-Packs