Flashy Streamers

Fancy, Theatrical, Flashy Streamers

Two Brilliant Looks in One

Tissue flashes color even in dim lighting.  Metallic sparkles as it soars through bright light. Our layered Flashy X-Streamer does both. To create the double-rolled Flashy, we rolls an 16' Metallic Streamer rolled within a 16' Tissue Streamer. When launched, the two separate midair. Inside a theater or other spotlit venue, the effect looks like fireworks and is startlingly pretty.  

Choose Your Launcher 

You'll want a confetti cannon to launch these streamers. (Blowers work for short, custom streamers. These long looks, though, need cannon power.) Choose the reloadable, remote-controlled RC2 Cannon or our TSC Handheld Launcher.

How Much to Order

  • RC-2Cannon:  Plan on 6 sleeves total, 3 for each barrel.

Loading Tips - Snip open the plastic sleeve, pour in the streamers into the barrels, recycle the sleeve. 

Test Your Launch Before Showtime

Consider getting a few of sleeves of our inexpensive Kabuki Tissue Speedloader Streamers for testing prior to your event. Test launches help you gauge your trajectory and adjust your aim. 

Easy Clean-Up

Streamers are simple and easy to gather up.  In fact, guests tend to drape the streamers around themselves and  do much of the tidying for you.  


  • Packaged in one 10" launch-ready sleeve 
  • Flameproof PVC metallic streamers - 1/2" x 16' streamers
  • Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue - 1/2" x 16' streamers
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop