Flashy Confetti Streamers

Metallic-Tissue Double Roll Streamer Splits Midair into Two Brilliant Looks.

Theatrical Serpentines Sleeved in 14 Colors or Your Custom Pair, for Stage, Concert, Party, Cheer. 

Tissue flashes color even in dim lighting.  Metallic sparkles as it soars through bright light. Our layered Flashy Streamer does both. To create the double-rolled Flashy, we rolls an 16' Metallic Streamer rolled within a 16' Tissue Streamer. When launched, the two separate midair. The result is is a dynamic doubling effect that carries your color theme out across your audience. 

Choose Your Launcher 

You'll want a confetti cannon to launch these streamers. (Blowers work for short, custom streamers. These long looks, though, need cannon power.) Choose the reloadable, remote-controlled RC2 Cannon or our Kabuki Handheld Launcher.

How Much to Order

  • RC-2 Cannon:  Plan on 6 sleeves total, 3 for each barrel.

Loading Tips - Snip open the plastic sleeve, pour in the streamers into the barrels, recycle the sleeve. 

Test Your Launch Before Showtime

Consider getting a few of sleeves of our inexpensive Kabuki Tissue Speedloader Streamers for testing prior to your event. Test launches help you gauge your trajectory and adjust your aim. 

Easy Clean-Up

Streamers are simple and easy to gather up.  In fact, guests tend to drape the streamers around themselves and  do much of the tidying for you.  

Flashy Streamer Product Details

  • Packaged in one 10" launch-ready sleeve 
  • Flameproof PVC metallic streamers - 1/2" x 16' streamers
  • Biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue - 1/2" x 16' streamers
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop