Confetti Streamers: Biodegradable, Dissolving & Shiny Metallic

Streak Your Sky with Serpentine Streamers.

Cannon-Launched, Hand-Flicked and Stay-Attached Streamers in Bright Tissue, Gleaming Metallics and Dissolvable Papers.


Broadway's New Year's Eve promotion of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Greece Athena Middle School Theatre's Mary Poppins. 

Pure Streamers Fly Far - With Little to No Cleanup.

 Whatever the look you have in mind, Launch streamers and everyone will have their hands in the air to catch the flying color.  You choose from dissolving, metallic, or biodegradable tissue paper, or a flashy mix. From fireworks looks to spider webs to giant stadium-styles, to palm-attached performance styles, we have exactly the product you need to send excitement soaring.