Streamer Flick Sticks

Hand-Launch Long Confetti Streamers Up to 25'.

18" Tubes Packed with 7' Streamers, Cut from Your Choice of Bright Metallic or Biodegradable Tissue.  

Add tissue bubbles or glittery flutters for dramatic float time - and cleanup is easy.

Here are the streamer versions of our Confetti Flick Sticks.  Hand one of these pre-filled, 18" gold tubes to each guest or sports fan.  Each Streamer Flick Stick gives you 2 shots (one from each side): Flick your wrist and color will fly 20' to 25'.  Turn the stick around and flick again for your encore. 

  • Pure Metallic Streamers give you clear, glimmering streaks of color. 
  • Pure Tissue Streamers for bright, all-biodegradable effects. 
  • Metallic Streamers with Bubbles add float time to your effect: As the streamers fly, they release bright, curled tissue "bubbles" that catch air currents and float. 
  • Tissue Streamers with Metallic Confetti Flutters add a glitter fall.

All versions come standard with multicolor effects. We can also create color combinations specially themed to your event. 

  • 10 Custom Metallic Color Choices
  • 13 Custom Tissue Color Choices