12-Pack Streamer Flick Sticks - Three Ways

Hand-Launch Custom Streamers Up to 25'

Add tissue bubbles or glittery flutters for dramatic float time - and cleanup is easy.

Here are the streamer versions of our Confetti Flick Sticks.  Hand one of these pre-filled, 18" gold tubes to each guest or sports fan.  Each Streamer Flick Stick gives you 2 shots (one from each side): Flick your wrist and color will fly 20' to 25'.  Turn the stick around and flick again for your encore. 

  • Metallic Streamers with Bubbles add float time to your effect: As the streamers fly, they release bright, curled tissue "bubbles" that catch air currents and float.
  • Tissue Streamers with Metallic Confetti Bits adds a glitter fall.
  • Pure Streamers give you clean streaks of brilliant color.

All versions come standard with multicolor effects. We can also create color combinations specially themed to your event. 

  • 10 Custom Metallic Color Choices
  • 13 Custom Tissue Color Choices