About Times Square Confetti


Times Square Confetti - Kabuki is a division of Bill Ferrell Co., headquartered in Sun Valley, CA, with representatives in New York and Los Angeles.  Bill Ferrell Co. is Hollywood’s premier event staging business. A longtime powerhouse in entertainment, Bill Ferrell designed many of the confetti cannons and launchers used today throughout the industry. Our firm creates custom confetti effects for television, film, Broadway, and the highest profile New Year’s Eve, sporting and political events around the country.  From our Southern California headquarters, we manufacture a full line of ready-to-launch products to meet the click-and-buy needs of party planners worldwide.


Product Guarantee

At Times Square Confetti, dissatisfaction is rare. If you purchase one of our standard products and are not happy with it, just return the unused product within 30 days of our shipment and we will refund your money, minus a 15% restocking fee. Unused bulk products returns are accepted up to 10 lbs., minus a 25% restocking fee. Custom color combinations, shapes, and blends excluded. 


Confetti Cannon Rentals

Our rental equipment, when used properly, works exactly as described and you should have a wonderful experience. If you’re having a large event and would like to ensure your launch is truly spectacular, we’re available to design and launch the effect for you.

Standard Rental Terms & Agreement

Rental Equipment Launch Instructions


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Custom Confetti & Streamer Effects Design Service

Our design team can assist you in choosing the right confetti or streamer to highlight your event. We’ll build into your plan your outdoor setting, indoor ceiling height, number of guests/audience size, and launch system preference. 

For very large events, consider hiring us to launch the effect for you – we’ll happily take that off your plate. Use this form to get started.

Times Square Confetti: On Time Delivery

How Fast Do You Need Your Confetti & Streamers?

You choose the carrier and speed that fits your budget and timeframe.

That said, pease be sure to choose the delivery option that gets your products to you at least 4 weekdays before your event.

We ship via USPS, UPS and FedEx. While we can't control weather or holiday delays, we’re confident that with a bit of advance planning you’ll receive your order on time. If the order is delayed past your indicated due date , we will take it back and refund your money.

Plan Your Delivery Date to be at Least 4 Days Prior to Your Event.

We generally turn weekday orders around in 24 hours. We understand the need for a delivery time cushion, so please be sure to let us know the date of your event!

Custom Confetti Effects in 24 Hours

Call Us To Design Your Custom Look

We typically turnaround standard orders – and many custom orders, too - within 24 hours, Monday - Friday (holidays excluded).

So don't hesitate to reach out with your specific color mixes, combinations of metallic and tissue, or shapes that match your live event theme. We'll move fast to give you the effect you’re after.

Confetti & Streamers: Environment-Friendly, Fire-Safe, Responsibly Sourced

Artistic Confetti Effects that Glimmer, Recycle or Dissolve on the Spot.

We offer artistic, fluttering confetti and streamers in biodegradable tissue, dissolving rice paper and brilliant, shiny metallics.  All of our confetti and streamer products, unless otherwise noted, are flame-resistant and appropriate for live event use. Our products are North America-sourced; the majority of both our standard and custom products are manufactured at our Sun Valley, CA facility.