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The Confetti Cannon for Pros

The Confetti Cannon for Pros

Remote-Controlled, Twin Barrel RC2 for Confetti & Streamers 

DJ-friendly. Reloadable. Ground-mount or rig to truss. 

For Sale and Rent. Call us for pricing: 818-767-7062.

The RC2 is the confetti effects cannon workhorse. It has earned that reputation at the hands of rock 'n roll roadies, TV and film crews, high-profile wedding DJs, and  graduation planners. Hundreds of these special-event units are in production houses worldwide. The twin-barrel launcher operates on either compressed air or CO2.  Note that the RC2 is appropriate for adult handling only.


  • Use for streamers and confetti
  • Outdoor / Indoor events with high ceilings
  • Powered by compressed air and electricity

RC-2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon Details

  • At 23 lbs., it's the lightest-weight launcher of its kind - so you end up with less load on your truss.
  • Its cold-rolled tube frame makes it highly durable.  
  • The RC2 can be pressurized up to 180 lbs. for when you need that extra punch.  More, it's certified to hold pressure for up to 10 days.
  • Twin Quick Connect Cam-Lock barrels are quick to reload and easy to remove.
  • Remote control unit included with your rental.
  • Note: See accessories  C-Clamp for truss mount not included.
RC2 Pro Confetti and Streamer Cannon for sale and rent

Choose 2″ x 20″ Barrels or 1″ x 36″ Barrels  

  • 1" diameter barrel launches Streamers and Confetti dramatically further than other designs.  If you're launching slow-fall confetti rectangles, use Tissue only.
  • 2" launches die cut Shapes, all confetti and streamers.

Confetti Cannon Accessories You'll Need 

Compression caps, lifters & tape protect & boost your launch. You likely have all the other items you need (compressor, extra remote controls, extension cords, wrenches...). If not, we sell and rent those separately. Call us. We'll help you plan.

How Many Confetti and Streamer Sleeves for the RC-2?

1″ diameter barrels hold three 10" sleeves each 
2″ diameter barrels hold four 10" sleeves each 

Call us: 818-767-7062.