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Confetti & Streamer Pro Tips & Tricks


How many people do you want to cover with your effect?


Controlled Look: Use bulk rectangles or die-cut shapes, hand-tossed, dropped from a balcony, or sifted through a confetti/snow cradle. Plan 1 to 1.5 pounds per 20-second drop.


Exuberant Look: Use Confetti Flick Sticks and Handthrow Streamers - order one per guest.

Link The Crowd: Launch sleeves of Streamers and Confetti with our Handheld Launchers or RC-2 Cannons. Space your launchers every 5-10 feet. Use 2 sleeves per Handheld Launcher; 6 total per RC-2 launch. Multiply by how many launches you need.

Shower Them All: Launch bulk confetti via Shot Max, Cyclone blowers and massive drops. Contact us and we'll help you plan.


Kabuki Handheld Launcher

  1. Slide a foam lifter into the barrel.
  2. Select:
    • Sleeved Confetti, MiniFetti & Speedload & Flashy Streamers: Snip off the sleeve's end and pour into launcher.
    • Skinny Twins, MiniFetti & Bubble Streamers:
    • Use funnel or...
    • Set the sleeve on a flat surface next to the launcher. Slice the sleeve open along its length. Stuff the streamers directly into the launcher.
  3. Tamp down with a dowel. Cover opening with a compression cap and tape into place.

Download full Handheld Launcher instructions.

The RC-2 Reloadable, Remote-Controlled Cannon

  • 1" x 36" Twin Barrels: Use sleeved Slow-Fall Confetti, MiniFetti, Flashy & Speedload Streamers
  • Plan six 10" sleeves for each launch (3 sleeves per barrel).
  • 2" x 20" Twin Barrels: Use sleeved Slow-Fall Confetti, all Streamers and bulk 2" Shapes
  • Plan ten 10" sleeves for each launch (5 sleeves per barrel).
  • Snip off the end of the sleeves and pour the sleeves into the launcher.

Download full RC-2 instructions.

Shot Max Continuous Flow Confetti Blower

Use bulk Slow-Fall Confetti.

  • Feed loose Confetti into launcher at a measured, steady rate with no clumps.

Download full ShotMax instructions.

Clean Up Tricks

Confetti Cleanup BlowerStreamers are simple to grab. Confetti can be swept or, even easier, blown into a pile like leaves. See our Confetti/Leaf Blower Rental