Confetti & Streamer Pro Tips & Tricks

Universal Orlando: Backstage, a Blue Man Group crew member funnel loads Skinny Twins into a "six-shooter" made of our Celebration Launchers. (Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel)


How many people do you want to cover with your effect?


Fluttering confetti squares, rectangles, shapes in biodegradable and dissolving tissue, bright metallics

Controlled Look:  Use die-cut Shapes - hand-tossed, dropped from a balcony, or dropped from a confetti/snow cradle.  Plan 1 to 1.5 pounds per 20-second drop.


Custom, dissolving rose petal confetti for wedding, shower, theater, party, parade.

Exuberant Look:  Use Confetti Flick Sticks and Handthrow Streamers - order one per guest.



Flashy double-rolled tissue/metallic streamers for theater, party, cheer

Link The Crowd:  Launch sleeves of Streamers and Confetti with our Handheld Launchers or RC-2 Cannons. Space your launchers every 5-10 feet.  Use 2 sleeves per Handheld Launcher; 6 total per RC-2 launch.  Multiply by how many launches you need.



Political election/convention confetti, biodegradable, in bulk

Shower Them All:  Launch bulk confetti via Shot Max, Cyclone blowers and massive drops.  Contact us and we'll help you plan. 


Kabuki Handheld Launcher for confetti and streamers

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

Use sleeved Slow-Fall Confetti, Bulk MiniFetti and all Streamers  

1. Slide a foam lifter into the barrel. 

2.  Select:

Sleeved Confetti, MiniFetti & Speedload & Flashy Streamers: Snip off the sleeve's end and pour into launcher.

Skinny Twins, MiniFetti & Bubble Streamers: 

  • Use funnel or...
  • Set the sleeve on a flat surface next to the launcher.  Slice the sleeve open along its length.  Stuff the streamers directly into the launcher.

3.  Tamp down with a dowel. Cover opening with a compression cap and tape into place.

Download full Handheld Launcher instructions.


Times Square's remote-controlled RC-2 Confetti & Streamer Cannon

The RC-2 Reloadable, Remote-Controlled Cannon

Use Sleeved Slow-Fall Confetti and Streamers, Bulk Die Cut Shapes

1" x 36" Twin Barrels:  Use sleeved Slow-Fall Confetti, MiniFetti, Flashy & Speedload Streamers

Plan six 10" sleeves for each launch (3 sleeves per barrel).

2" x 20" Twin Barrels:  Use sleeved Slow-Fall Confetti, all Streamers and bulk 2" Shapes

Plan ten 10" sleeves for each launch (5 sleeves per barrel).  

Snip off the end of the sleeves and pour the sleeves into the launcher.

Download full RC-2 instructions.

    Times Square's Shot Max continuous flow confetti blower for sale and rent

    Shot Max Continuous Flow Confetti Blower

    Use bulk Slow-Fall Confetti.

    Feed loose Confetti into launcher at a measured, steady rate with no clumps. 

    Download full ShotMax instructions.


    Clean Up Tricks

    Confetti/Leaf blower for easy cleanup after parades, party, sports

    Streamers are simple to grab.  Confetti can be swept or, even easier, blown into a pile like leaves.  See our Confetti/Leaf Blower Rental.