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Dissolving Confetti Butterflies, 1 Pound Bulk

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Butterfly Confetti: 2" Satin White Fluttering Shapes Vanish in Water.

Bagged loose and sold by the pound.

Waterfront ceremonies, formal garden venues - some event sites call for extra creativity. For such venues, we cut beautiful confetti and streamers from satin-white rice paper that dissolves away in water. 

The flutter of these 2" die-cut butterflies is spectacular. Fling them from a rooftop or launch them high in the air with one of our confetti cannons. Your guests will be delighted and your video terrific. Any effects that fall in the pond, sea, or swimming pool will simply disappear. Irrigation and hoses will do the trick as well.

Confetti Creative: Add Vanishing Streamers 

Consider a two-part look: Combine your butterflies with soaring, water soluble streamers in the RC-2 Cannon's 2" wide barrels. The difference in float time adds extra depth to your photographs and video.

Dissolvable Butterfly Details

  • Die-cut rice paper butterflies
  • Sold by the pound
  • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop