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Dissolving Confetti Streamers in Launch Sleeve

$ 6.68
In Stock
Color Satin White
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Dissolving Rice Paper


Vanishing Streamers for Sensitive Venues, Stacked in Speedload Sleeve.

Satin white, rice paper serpentines in 10" cannon-ready sleeves dissolve in water.

All of our tissue products are biodegradable, and tissue serpentines are especially easy to cleanup. Still, there are celebration spots that require even greater care. Rice paper serpentines are the absolute perfect answer for any waterfront venue (creek, river, ocean, beach, lagoon), poolside party or manicured garden. 

You get the same spectacular arch effect as our standard tissue product. Your videos will be beautiful and your audience will be thrilled. Afterwards, your guests will claim many of the streamers as souvenirs. If any have landed in your venue's water, they've already disappeared. Whatever is leftover will dissolve on contact with irrigation sprinklers or hose spray.

Confetti Creative: Add Dissolving Rectangles

For a 2-layer look, mix these streamers with water soluble confetti in the same barrel load. The soft confetti flutter lingers after the streamer arc and creates visual depth for your video and photographs.

Dissolvable Streamer Details

  • 1/2" x 17' rice paper serpentines
  • Packaged in a 10" cannon-ready sleeve
  • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

How Much to Order

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

Two sleeves are considered a full load.

RC-2 Twin-Barrel Cannon

  • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x 20" cannons
  • 4 sleeves (2 per barrel) for 1"x 36" cannons