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Confetti Cleanup Secrets

Confetti Cleanup Secrets

For Fast, Easy Confetti Cleanup, Use A Regular Leaf Blower.

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After every celebration comes cleanup.  If your party place has textured surfaces (lawn, rugs, upholstery), tiered seating or overhead fixtures, a blower makes quick work of gathering confetti and other paper leftovers into a corner. For smooth, flat surfaces, vacuums and wide brooms are best.

Smooth floors, just use a vacuum.

Likely someone's vacuuming post-party anyway, and for smooth, slick floors, a vacuum or a wide broom takes care of all your partiers' leavings just fine, along with any Slowfall or Die-cut Confetti.

For carpets, grass, overhead lighting, padded seats and stadium bleachers, a leaf blower's the trick.

Confetti Cleanup Leaf Blower 

The Leaf Blower blows Confetti (and whatever else your guests have left) off fabric, along grass, from rafters, down bleachers and into a corner, where it's all easily swept into trash and recycle bins. So when the party's done, you're still celebrating.