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Red Confetti, Streamers and Specialty Shapes

  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 10
    Quick shop

    Red, Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in 10" Speedloader Sleeves.

    Launch These True Red Rectangles for High-Flying, Cherry-Colored Clouds. 

    Red is a theatrical color. Whether you blast it across a wild concert crowd, shower it over a romantic wedding or create a bloody, onstage scene, it will awe your audience.

    We stack these red rectangles in a 10" clear plastic sleeve that's easy for you to snip open and pour straight into your launcher, even if you are behind the scenes in the dark.

    This is a true red. It will give you dramatic photo ops in outdoors in bright daylight, under spotlights, and inside lit stadiums.

    For outdoor evening events, consider slipping a sleeve of white slowfall confetti into the same launch load. The all-white rectangles will create a bright, neutral backdrop and make your red pop.

    Red Tissue Sleeved Confetti Details

    • Red biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
    • 3/4″ x 2″ slowfall rectangles
    • 10" easy-pour sleeve
    • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

    Confetti Purchasing Guide

    Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

    • 2 sleeves per launch for 20" barrel
    • 3 sleeves per launch for 32" barrel

    RC-2 Remote-Control Cannons  

    • 8 sleeves (4 each barrel) per launch for 2"x20" cannons
    • 6 sleeves (3 each barrel) per launch for 1"x36" cannons


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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Confetti Streamers: Red 25' Tissue Speedloaders
      Quick shop

      22' Biodegradable Red Streamers in a Ready-to-Launch 10" Sleeve. 

      Long, sustainably-sourced serpentines rocket across your crowd and clean up quickly.

      All by themselves, your Red Speedloaders will make a big impact. Launch them by remote-control cannon or handheld launcher. They'll streak the air with rich, 25-foot long color, and show well in indoor stadiums, blue-sky parades or gray-cloud team events.

      These Kabuki-cut serpentine streamers are packaged in slender 10-inch plastic sleeves. Give the package a quick snip and pour your streamers straight in your launch barrel. Launch and repeat - the load, reload process is that fast and easy.

      Clean up is quick, too - most often you'll find your guests and fans tend to drape them over their shoulders and do the job for you.

      The Speedloaders are biodegradable, which makes them perfect for outdoor events. They're also fire-resistant, so use them indoors as well. 

      Red Kabuki Speedload Streamer Details

      • 1/2" x 22' confetti streamers
      • Encased in 10" snip & pour launch sleeve
      • Fire Resistant, Sustainably-Sourced, Biodegradable Red Tissue

      How Many Do You Need?

      Kabuki Handheld Launcher

      • Plan on using 2 to 3 sleeves per launch

      RC-2 Pro Cannons

      • Order 10 sleeves for 2x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
      • Order 6 sleeves for 1x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

      Confetti Creative: Add Spin

      You can pair Red Speedloaders with nearly any of our 10 metallics, and 12 other tissue colors. Add pink for romance, green for Christmas, blue and white for July 4. The match-ups go on and on. 

      Here's a fresh idea - add Twizzles. First, load your barrel with streamers. Then slide in your choice of these cut triangles on top. (Metallic will give you glitter. Tissue will give the longest flight.) Your Red streamers will pop through a spinning rain of color.

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    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 1/4
      Quick shop

      Shiny Red 0.25" Miniature Confetti Squares, Sold in Bulk by the Pound.

      Bitty squares in true red metallic for glitter launches, party decoration, fine arts projects and more.

      This theatrical Red Metallic MiniFetti stands alone as a powerful color statement. Whether you use it to polish a romantic event, top off a Christmas display or spray onstage gore, it will serve you well.

      Take Advantage of the Red Metallic Sheen

      The fireproof metallic twinkles under lights. On a flat table, that can be flickering candlelight. For an onstage launch, hit it with a spotlight. In display cases, pour it over a textured subsurface - uneven layers will angle the squares and give show off the shine.

      MiniFetti Launch Tips

      MiniFetti's glitter-fall is a quick effect. To load this bulk product into cannons and handheld launchers, first insert a foam or paper lifter into your barrels. Then funnel in the little squares and cap the barrel until launch time. To blow your MiniFetti across a camera lens or suspend them dramatically midair, rent or buy our E-Fans.

      Red Metallic Bulk MiniFetti Details

      • Cherry Red flameproof PVC metallic
      • Cut in 1/4" squares
      • Priced per pound
      • Efficiently packed into as few bags as possible

      Our MiniFetti is made to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and is not returnable.

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      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Multicolor / 1
        Quick shop

        1" Diameter Gleaming Metallic Circles in Your Choice of Colors.

        Tuck into balloons, decorate a table, use in crafts, or launch for sparkling rainfall effect.

        These 1" diameter Metallic Circles come in brilliant solid colors, plus multicolor and custom mixes. They are sold and shipped by the pound.

        Clients use these glimmering color wheels in fascinating ways: Spread across the base of retail displays, scattered across corporate event tables, dribbled as backdrop to music videos. Launched, these create a quick rainfall effect. Place a blower underneath them to keep the circles dancing in air.

        Confetti Creative: Add 1/2" Tissue Circles to Your Mix

        Choose a companion color of tiny, 0.5" tissue circles and layer them into your look. The dueling sizes add visual depth. The tissue adds float time.

        1" Metallic Confetti Circle Details 

        • Packaged loose in bags
        • Priced by the pound
        • Use in Table Decoration, Balcony or Confetti/Snow Cradle Drop
        • Launch with RC2 2x20 twin barrels
        • Cut from flame-proof PVC metallic

          How to Build Your Own Color Combinations  

          To create your own unique combinations, select Custom Color Mix from the drop down menu. Then choose up to 3 colors from the list below. Be sure to tell us your choices at in the Special Instructions Box checkout. 

          Colors: Gold, Rose Gold/Copper, Silver, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Black and Hot Pink

          We die-cut circles in our Sun Valley, CA shop especially to your order and they are non-returnable.
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          • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 10
            Quick shop

            Rich, Shiny Red Slowfall Confetti, Cannon-Ready.

            3/4" x 2" Rectangles Stacked in 10" Snip-and-Pour Launch Sleeve.

            This brilliant cherry metallic sparkles in light. Use it to create many moods, from romance on the dance floor to cheers in the stadium to ominous drama onstage. Valentine, wedding, Christmas, pep rallies, corporate conventions - this red goes everywhere.

            Confetti Creative: Add Red Tissue Streamers

            To add reach to your flutter effect, pour a sleeve of biodegradable red tissue streamers into your barrel before you load your red metallic confetti. The matte tissue will pop through the glitter cloud, giving you a dynamic visual for great photos.

            Red Metallic Sleeved Confetti Details

            • Red slowfall rectangles
            • 10” sleeve of 3/4″ x 2″ confetti
            • Flameproof PVC metallic
            • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

            How Much to Get Per Launch

            Kabuki Celebration Launcher

            • 2 sleeves is considered a full load for both lengths of the handheld launcher, though we prefer 3 sleeves for the 32" model.

            RC-2 Cannon: 

            • 8 sleeves (4 per 2"x20" barrel) or 6 sleeves (3 per 1"x36" barrel).
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            • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Red / 10
              Quick shop

              18'-Long Red Metallic Streamer Confetti Rolls, Packed in a 10" Launch Sleeve.

              Flameproof Serpentines Launch Quickly, Look Spectacular and Clean Up Fast.

              For cheer, sports, conventions, elections and holidays, red means "Go!" These brilliant, arcing streamers uncoil to 18' as they float above your event.

              They load fast - Their slim, 10" plastic packaging makes it a matter of seconds to pour the streamer rolls straight into your cannon, even into narrow 1" barrels. Launched, their brilliant color pops against just about any background, from clear skies to busy indoor stadium.

              Plan your launch for daytime or brightly-lit moments to make the most of the red PVC paper's reflective shine. 

              Quick After-Event Cleanup

              Fans love streamers as souvenirs. When your event is over, the crowd will actually carry most of the streamers out with them, just for the fun of it. What's left is easy for you or your cleanup crew to swoop up.

              Red Metallic Streamer Details

              • Brilliant red 1/2″ x 18' streamers
              • Flameproof PVC
              • 10" launcher-ready, snip & pour sleeves
              • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

              How Many Streamer Sleeves To Buy?

              Kabuki Handheld Launchers

              • Plan 2 red metallic streamer sleeves per launch for the 20" model and 3 sleeves for the longer 32" version.

              RC-2 Pro Cannon

              • 10 red metallic streamer sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2"x20"
              • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1"x36" 

              Confetti Creative: Add Shapes to the Barrel

              Want a textured, layered effect?  You can add 25' tissue speedload streamers to the barrel mix. Or, pour in some tissue slowfall confetti. To really polish a particular event, consider tissue stars, squares, playful circles, or fluttering butterflies. Handfuls of tissue die-cut shapes slipped into your 2" barrels will boost your theme and truly impress your guests.

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              • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti 10
                Quick shop

                22' Patriotic Streamers Stacked in 10" Ready-to-Launch Sleeve.

                Biodegradable and sustainably-sourced, these tri-color serpentines sail above your crowd and clean up easily. 

                These red, white and blue tissue serpentines are exactly what you want for July 4th parades, political rallies, school events, Veteran's Day and any other celebration that fits the colors of our flag.  All of our Kabuki Speedloaders come in 10" disposable sleeves: Snip off the end, pour the streamers into your launcher, recycle the sleeve and you're all set to send the your effect soaring over your crowd. The slim sleeves make it easy to reload and re-launch, for fantastic, repeatable streamer flights.

                Streamer Cleanup is Easy

                • 10-inch launcher-ready sleeve
                • 22' Tissue Tricolor Streamers
                • Fire Resistant, Biodegradable, Sustainably-Sourced

                Calculate Your Purchase

                Kabuki Handheld Launcher

                • 2 to 3 sleeves 

                RC-2 Pro Remote Control Cannons

                • Order 10 sleeves for 2x 20 cannon (5 per barrel)
                • Order 6 sleeves for 1x 36 cannon (3 per barrel)

                How Full Do You Want Your Effect?

                Grow your red, white & blue launch to fit the size of any crowd: Hand out Patriotic Confetti Flick Sticks as fans and guests arrive.  These 14" silver cardboard tubes contain the same biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue as our Patriotic X-Streamers, but cut in slowfall confetti. The confetti's fluttering action provides great visual contrast to the high arching streamer flight. Your crowd will delight in being part of the show.

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                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red Confetti Hearts: Tissue & Metallic in Bulk
                  Quick shop

                  2" Heart Confetti in Biodegradable Tissue or Bright Metallic, by the Pound.

                  Flutter Bulk Confetti Hearts Over Romantic Weddings, Engagement Parties, Valentine's Day, Parades, Theater, Dances. 

                  The crisp cut of these hearts looks great from far away, and closeup, too. So you can use them for event decoration and art, as well as dropping them by hand from balconies and launching them high.

                  Tissue shapes have a longer hang time than metallics. To plan your purchase, first select your launch technique, then make sure you've ordered enough to last throughout your planned celebration window.

                  We can Kabuki Celebration Launchers for you. To load these 2" shapes yourself, choose a 2" barrel, such as our RC2 2" x 20" confetti cannon. Blowing the shapes with our Shot Max, Cyclone and Effects Fan is even easier. 

                  Red Confetti Heart Details:

                  • Sold loose in bags and priced by the pound
                  • 2" flameproof PVC metallic or
                  • 2" biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
                  • Use as party decor and in art projects

                  Video Tip: Backdrop With Contrasting Confetti

                  The best way to capture these shapes on TV, film, video and in photographs is to set them off against slowfall confetti flutter of the opposite material. The matte vs. shine contrast reads extremely well for media use.

                  Note: We cut these shapes especially to your order in our Sun Valley, CA shop and they are non-returnable.

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                • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers: Bright Tissue - Custom 24-Pack
                  Quick shop

                  15'-Long Biodegradable Confetti Streamers Anchored in a Tear-Open Pouch. 

                  The Original, No-Mess Kabuki Handthrows: Competition, Dance, Cheer, Stage, Wedding, Parade, and Absolutely Any Party.

                  The Office "Nobody But Me" Kabyki STay-Attached Handthrow Streamers
                  The Office (Season 7 Ep 1): Kabuki Stay-Attached Streamers in the Season opener's lip dub to "Nobody But Me."

                  Confetti Streamers that Stay Attached to Your Palm, in Your Custom Colors.

                  Kabuki Handthrows stay attached to your hand. They are exactly right for events that call for a burst of color - and no cleanup at all. It's so easy: Palm the tissue packet.  Put the loop over your finger.  Pull the tear-away tab and shower people around you with 15' streamers. After the big moment, reel the streamers in and recycle. 

                  Our Handthrow Streamers Hide in Your Palm.

                  We like the Kabuki pouch much better than plastic cup handthrows. These tissue packets are much easier to hide in your palm, and have no separate paper lid to peel back and hang onto.

                  Kabuki Handthrow Details:

                  • 15' streamers stay attached to a finger loop
                  • Fire resistant, biodegradable tissue
                  • Sold in packs of 24


                  Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Purple, Lavender, Yellow, Blue, Turquoise, Black, Dark Green, Bright Lime, Orange 

                  Custom Color Mixes: Choose "Custom Mix" and tell us your streamer choices in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

                  Typically, the pouch is white. If you're matching a color theme and prefer a different exterior color, just let us know.

                  Fast Turnaround

                  We make these in our Sun Valley, CA shop and our turnaround is fast.  Don't hesitate to reach out for your event.

                  Note: We create your handthrow streamers especially for you and they are non-returnable.

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                  • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 10
                    Quick shop

                    Cherry Red Tissue + Bright Red Metallic in One Cannon-Ready Sleeve.

                    Combination of matte and shine mixes traditional slowfall rectangle flutter with strong, glittering color.

                    Launch this two-tone red confetti and you'll be hooked. The rich, red tissue shows clear, vibrant color in your lit event venues. Its companion metallic confetti reflects the spotlights. Together, the dual-effect blast creates a twinkling red cloud perfect for sports, school events, corporate meetings, elections, campaigns, rally.

                     As background, foreground or theatrical metaphor, this red flashy, sleeved product communicates power. The differences in paper generate a variety of spin rates and float times - textured effects that look tremendous on camera.

                     We stack these in a 25/75 metallic to tissue ratio and pack them in a quick-load plastic sleeve. Just slice off the sleeve's end and pour the rectangles into your launcher - even into barrels as skinny as 1".  

                    Red Flashy Sleeved Confetti Details

                    • 2" x 3/4″ slowfall rectangles
                    • 10" clear plastic easy-load sleeve
                    • 25/75 mix of Flameproof PVC and Fire Resistant Tissue
                    • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                    Planning Your Order

                    Kabuki Celebration Launcher

                    • 20" barrel: Get 2 sleeves per planned launch
                    • 32" barrel: Get 3 sleeves per launch

                    RC-2 Cannon

                    Note: We prefer 2" x 20" RC-2 barrels for all Flashy effects. 

                    • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) total 
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                    • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Red / 18
                      Quick shop

                      Ultra-Thin Red Tissue Serpentines Double-Stacked in an 18" Launch Sleeve.

                      Masses of Bright Streamers Arch Apart Midair. 

                      One sleeve of these super-skinny streamers flowers open with fabulous, rich color. Launch a series of sleeves one-by-one from a line of cannons and you'll fill the air with streaks of bright red that arch up before cascading down - fireworks without any fire involved.

                      Streamers: The confetti effect your guests take home.

                      There's just something about streamers. After launch, they tend to walk out the door, draped around your guests. That makes the post-event cleanup quick and easy - just sweep whatever's left behind into the recycle.

                      Red Fireworks Streamers Details 

                      • 18" cannon-ready sleeves
                      • 1/4"x15' red confetti streamers 
                      • Biodegradable, sustainably-sourced, fire-resistant tissue
                      • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                      How Many Sleeves Per Cannon?

                      Plan one 18" sleeve for each handheld Celebration Launcher blast. Plan 4 sleeves for every RC-2 2x20 cannon launch; 2 sleeves total for the 1x36 barrels. 

                      For quickest loading, use 2" barrels. For 1" launchers, pour these streamers in via a wide-mouth funnel, or slice the sleeve open on a flat surface and sweep the rolls into the barrel with your fingers.


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                      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 1 lb bulk / Biodegradable Tissue Tissue Bulk Slowfall Confetti - Red
                        Quick shop

                        Rich Red Tissue in Slowfall Cut, by the Pound.

                        Create romantic weddings, joyous Christmas parades and fiery theatrical looks from this biodegradable, loose tissue confetti. 

                        The versatility of red runs from holiday party to Valentine romance to onstage spurting blood. Keep it on hand and you'll find it to be your go-to solid color, fitting into wildly different occasions. The true red of this slowfall tissue shows off best in good lighting. Plan to launch it in sunlight, in well-lit stadiums or under bright spotlights. 

                        Red Bulk Tissue Confetti Details

                        • Slowfall rectangle cut
                        • Biodegradable, fire-resistant red tissue
                        • Bagged and priced by the pound
                        • Cut in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                        Plan Your Bulk Confetti Purchase

                        Because we sell this red confetti loose, you can adjust your order to match the size of the look you want and whatever equipment you choose to create it. First, consider the area or how many people you want to shower with color.

                        For TV audiences on risers, use our Shot Max Continuous Blowers. For bleacher settings and graduation ceremonies, use our large-scale Cyclone Blowers.

                        Fiery Looks: Add Spiraling Orange and Gold 

                        To create the illusion of fire, combine metallic orange and gold Metallic Twizzles with your bulk red tissue. The whirling triangles will add glitter and new dynamic movement.


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                      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 1 Pound / Metallic Metallic Confetti: Bright Red Fluttering Rectangles, in Bulk
                        Quick shop

                        Shining Red Slowfall Rectangles, Bagged by the Pound.

                        Flameproof PVC sparkles red in daylight, spotlight and stadium lighting.

                        Bagged slow-fall confetti puts you in control. You decide the size of your Red effect, whether that's a spectacular, shimmering cloud across your basketball bleachers or the tightly-controlled takes of a TV commercial. 

                        Planning Your Metallic Launch

                        Metallic confetti shines brightest under good general indoor lighting, stage lights or sunlight. Aim your launches toward those areas To carry your color scheme out to cover your concert audience and dimmer seating sections, consider supplementing with secondary blasts of red tissue confetti.

                        Get enough! Metallic spins spectacularly and wafts more quickly than tissue. Plan for a healthy confetti blow or successive blasts. The added product will give your photographers and videographers time to capture the look, and your audience will really enjoy your effect.

                        Red Metallic Bulk Confetti Details:

                        • 2" x 3/4" slow-fall confetti rectangles
                        • Bagged loose and sold by the pound
                        • Red flameproof PVC
                        • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

                        Bulk Confetti Launch Equipment

                        • Shot Max blows confetti in a targeted direction, blasting for as long as you feed it.
                        • Cyclone Continuous Blowers spray confetti high, creating large fountain looks.
                        • Effects Fan floats your confetti broadly. Drop your confetti by handfuls in front of the air stream.



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                      • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Red / 10
                        Quick shop

                        Red Confetti Streamers: 17' Metallic Rolled with Cherry Tissue, in a 10" Cannon Sleeve.

                        Launch-Ready Serpentine Splits Midair into Streaks of Matte and Metallic. 

                        Sports teams, musical productions, concerts, Valentine dances, wedding receptions, Christmas: This spectacular red-on-red, double-roll serpentine flashes rich, matte color and brilliant PVC shine in a single launch.

                        We roll a 17' biodegradable tissue streamer inside a metallic one. Midair, the two layers divide for a striking visual display.

                        Confetti Creative: Boost the "wow" factor with red flashy confetti.

                        Multiply the effect in your cannon load by pouring a matching sleeve of Flashy Red Confetti on top of your streamers. The paired visual elements: matte plus shine, confetti flutter plus streamer reach, will surprise and delight your audience.

                        Red Flashy Streamer Sleeve Details

                        • 1/2" x 17' tissue layered inside metallic streamer
                        • Stacked in 10" confetti cannon sleeve
                        • Red flameproof PVC metallic
                        • Red biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

                        Purchasing Guide

                        32" and 20" Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

                        • 2 sleeves per launch. Tip: Use a dowel to slide these wide streamers fully down the barrel. 

                        Remote-Control RC-2 Cannon

                        • 10 sleeves (5 per barrel) for 2x20 
                        • 6 sleeves (3 per barrel) for 1x36 

                        Easy Cleanup Post-Party  

                        This pretty effect leaves no small bits behind. The long streamers are easy to collect after your party is over, and chances are your crowd will have already taken most home.

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                        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red / 10
                          Quick shop

                          Cherry Red Tissue + Bright Red Metallic Slowfall Rectangles, Sold by the Pound.

                          Glimmering 75-25 mix bagged loose is the perfect choice for photos, film shoots and spotlight moments.

                          This double effect gives you more than two shades of red. The shine vs. matte texture creates instant visual depth. The tissue wafts longer. The metallic spins faster and reflects light. In one bag, you get tone-on-tone color, flash and dynamic movement that thrills audiences and reads brilliantly for your video and photography crew.

                          We sell this product loose in bags. Pour it over balconies or into theatrical snow cradles. Spray it high with the continuous flow Cyclone. Blow it horizontally via an Effects Fan. Or blow it exactly where you want with the electric Shot Max.

                          Confetti Creative: Add Circles for 

                          Slip handfuls of any confetti shape into a solid flashy confetti launch and you'll change your look dramatically. Red metallic circles add fascinating visual texture, with their round shape and quicker fall. Floating white tissue circles give you a whimsical feel. Investigate all of our shapes and let your imagination lead you.

                          Red Flashy Bulk Confetti Details

                          • Slowfall rectangles, 3/4" x 2"
                          • Sold by the pound
                          • 25% flame-proof PVC metallic
                          • 75% fire resistant, biodegradable tissue
                          • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop
                          Visit product page
                        • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Streamer Confetti Stay-Attached Metallic Handthrow Streamers - 24-Pack
                          Quick shop

                          Glossy 15' Metallic Ribbons Anchored in Tear-Open Pouch.

                          Kabuki Handthrow Streamers in Your Metallic Colors Arch Long and Stay-Attached for Great Photos and Instant Cleanup.

                          Bride JoBeth Kuhn designed these rose gold and gold handthrow streamers for her lovely, playful wedding at St. Petersburg's Flora Wylie Park.

                          Picky wedding venues and competition performance both call for flash and dazzle - and a clean exit. Metallic, Stay-Attached Handthrow Streamers create your perfect flashy moment. 

                          Kabuki Handthrows Create Magic Effect.

                          Our Custom Handthrow Streamers come tucked inside a small tissue pouch. The pouch is soft and tiny enough for a child to handle. In youth and adult hands, the pouch can be kept hidden, so the sparkling color spray seems to come from nowhere.

                          Launch Tips

                          Hold the pouch in your hand, palm up. Slide the loop over your finger. Grasp the tab and tear the ouch open. Close your fingers around the streamers. At launch time, fling your hand up and out to shower people around you with 15' streamers.

                          Handthrow Streamers remain anchored to the loop. When your effect is done, just reel the streamers in.

                          Custom Handthrow Streamer Product Details

                          • Sold in packs of 24
                          • 15' streamers pre-attached
                          • Fireproof PVC metallic
                          • Get one per person

                            Order Your Unique Color Combination:

                            Select your color(s) and note them in the comments box at checkout:

                            Hot Pink, Red, Purple, Gold, Cobalt Blue, Green, Orange, Silver, Black, Rose Gold

                            Minimum custom order:  24 Handthrow Streamers.

                            • Need a custom quantity over 24?  Just contact us.
                            • Note: We make these custom Handthrows especially for you and they are non-returnable.

                            On a budget? Take a look at our bright, all-white or multicolor Tissue Handthrow Streamers.

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                            • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Red White Blue / 10
                              Quick shop

                              Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti, in 10" Speedloader Sleeves, Sold in Pairs.

                              Tricolor Tissue Stacked for Quick Parade Launch, July 4th Party, Show, Election, Campaign, Veteran's Day and More.

                              This Patriotic mix of traditional confetti slides straight from twin 10" sleeves into your confetti cannons. The tissue is fire-resistant and biodegradable. Launched, it opens as a lasting flutter cloud that will have everyone cheering, including your photographers.

                              The tricolor stacks are packed for easy handling. Simply snip open the sleeves, pour your confetti in your barrels, recycle the sleeve and launch away.

                              Confetti Creative: Add "Fireworks" Streamers to the Mix

                              To boost your launch a notch, take a look at our collection of Fireworks Skinny Twins. Before you load your patriotic rectangles, you might pour in a sleeve of these beauties. The ultra-thin serpentines will streak open, popping through your red, white and blue confetti.

                              Red, White and Blue Sleeved Tissue Confetti Details

                              • Equal mix of red, white & blue tissue
                              • 3/4″ x 2″ slowfall rectangles
                              • Stacked in 10" clear plastic sleeves
                              • Sold in pairs
                              • Biodegradable and Fire Resistant

                              How Much to Get Per Launch

                              Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

                              • 2 sleeves per 20" barrel launch
                              • 3 sleeves per 32" barrel launch

                              RC-2 Remote-Control, Twin-Barrel Cannons  

                              • 8 sleeves (4 per barrel) for 2"x20" cannons
                              • 4 sleeves (2 per barrel) for 1"x36" cannons
                                Visit product page
                              • Times Square Confetti & Kabuki Confetti Multicolor / 0.5
                                Quick shop

                                1/2" Round Confetti Dots in High-Gloss Metallics, by the Pound.

                                Use in Balloons, for Crafts & Table Decor, or Launch for Quick, Glittery Brilliance.

                                Our smallest Metallic Circles come in brilliant solid colors, plus pre-mixed multicolor and your own custom combinations. 

                                Photo, Video and Stage Effects

                                Launched, these circles will create a quick rainfall effect. For light looks, sprinkle them into the airstream of an Effects Fan or rock through a snow cradle. For a background cascade of color, load these via funnel into our Handheld Launchers or RC-2 cannons.

                                • 1/2" diameter die-cut circles
                                • Sold bagged by the pound
                                • Flame-proof PVC metallic

                                  Colors: Multicolor, Gold, Rose Gold/Copper, Silver, Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Purple, Black and Hot Pink.

                                  Do You Need a Unique Color Combination? 

                                  No problem. Choose "Custom Mix." Pick 2 or 3 colors and note your choices at in the Special Instructions Box checkout. 

                                  Confetti Creative: Add Flutter

                                  Create a two-step look with one cannon shot. Add 2" Tissue Circles to your launch load. The tiny metallic circles will rain down, followed by the tissue's lingering color.

                                  Note: We cut our circles especially for your order and they are non-returnable.
                                    Visit product page