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How Spider-man Filled Times Square with Webs

How Spider-man Filled Times Square with Webs

2013 New Year's Eve: We got to play Spidey.

Our Streamer Flick Sticks created "spider webs" over New York's Times Square in celebration of New Year's Eve.
AP caught this photo of our Streamer Flick Stick Effect, designed for Glasshouse Balloon Co Inc.


New Year’s Eve is a time for looking back and ahead – and what better memories can we conjure than 2013 high above NYC's Times Square?

The musical "Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark" played Broadway, featuring music U2's Bono and The Edge, and Glasshouse Balloon Co. Inc. thrilled the midnight masses by filling the air with white spider webs.

Those webs were our brilliant white, biodegradable tissue streamers launched by hand over the crowd via our Streamer Flick Sticks. The streamers shot out from rooftops and office windows high in the sky and floated down on the New Year’s Eve partiers.

Theaters, dance troupes, TV shows, magicians and fine artists morph our tissue and metallic paper into show-stopping moments by the power of their imagination – and our commitment to make their vision come real. Wedding rose petals, shooting stars, blowing kisses, falling leaves, black-light streamers. Confetti as snow, streamers as rain, colors to create murderous spurting blood, glittering coins, and – of course – spider webs.

Contact us with your artistic vision. We can’t wait to combine our magic with yours.