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Custom Confetti & Streamers Without the Custom Price

Confetti and Serpentine Streamers in Mix & Match Cannon Sleeves

Our sleeved confetti and streamers come ready-to-load: Snip open the sleeve's end, load your product, discard the sleeve, launch. The sleeves below are 10" long. Most confetti cannon barrels are 22" to 32". So, you can fill your cannon with all the same look, or combine different products in the same load.

  • Products: Pour streamers in with confetti.
  • Materials: Pour tissue in with metallic.

What About Custom Colors?

Pouring one color sleeve on top of another color works too, although the last color loaded obviously emerges first from the cannon. If you want a truly, evenly-mixed custom color shot, we can create special sleeves for you that alternate your colors inside the 10" package.