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Kris Jenner's "Great Gatsby" Birthday - Get the Look

Kris Jenner's "Great Gatsby" Birthday - Get the Look

Kris Jenner throws her hands in the air as our Gold, Silver and Black Confetti explode over her birthday cake.

What tops off Kanye West singing happy birthday to Kris Jenner? Our Art Deco confetti.

Want Kris’s 60th birthday Party without the $2M price tag?

 Jenner’s 60th birthday bash at West Hollywood’s The Lot on Nov. 6 was a pure Gatsby affair. Massive balloons created a champagne bubble cloud above a patterned dance floor. Projected bubbles floated across a white cyc behind the two-tiered bandstand. Crystal chandeliers and enormous flower arrangements dripped from the ceiling. Celebrities glittered.

All of that, and still - a confetti moment took the cake.

Kris threw her hands in the air as our gold, black and silver slowfall confetti burst above the crowd. The joy was delicious.

The beauty of a Gatsby theme is that you can scale it up or down to fit your budget. Plus, Mindy Weiss's brilliant team produced a fabulous template to follow. Here's how to throw your own glamorous bash, budgeted for real life. 

The Basics

  • Theme: Great Gatsby
  • Design: Art Deco/clean geometric lines
  • Color Scheme: White, silver, black, gold
  • Jazz music
  • Lighting: Pink, white, gold
  • Climax: Confetti launcher

Choose Your Props

  • White round helium balloons in different sizes
  • White Rose Petal printed photo backdrop
  • White flowers and tall, white feathers
  • Mirrors and/or mirror ball
  • Magnetic crystal lamp bling
  • Silver or gold-colored vases
  • Glass votives and fat white candles
  • White furniture slipcovers and tablecloths
  • Soft pink light bulbs
  • Projector or computer-linked TV
  • CO2 confetti launchers or hand-launch confetti flick sticks
  • Silver and gold metallic, and black tissue confetti

Shop the Gatsby Confetti Collection Now

Times Square/X-Streamers RC-2 confetti cannons preset in front of Kris Jenner's Gatsby party bandstand.

Look in front of the bandstand.  You'll see our RC-2 Cannons with 36" and 20" barrels loaded and ready to launch.