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Times Square Confetti Electric Blower: ShotMax Instructions

Continuous-Flow Confetti Blower: The Electric ShotMax

ShotMax 110V Assembly and Operating Instructions

Portable confetti blower ShotMax for sale and rent.

This machine is intended for use with soft items, such as confetti and streamers. Do not use this to launch other items as serious injury can occur.

  • Check for proper electrical connection (either 110v or 220v). Make allowance for 15 amps (110vac).
  • Check parts:    One IEC electrical plugged cord; one 2” x 24” threaded tube; one  2” x 5’ angle-cut flexible draw tube 
      Important: Make sure launch area is clear of any obstruction/personnel prior to operation. Aim toward open area so as not to strike objects, persons, or items. Clear area around machine so not to block vents/air intake.                                             
        1. Attach the threaded tube to the front of the machine.
        1. Adjust bracket to hold up front of machine when sitting on a surface. Be sure to secure the unit by anchoring it. If hanging the unit from overhead, swing the bracket completely around to the upward position and attach a C-clamp with ½” bolt, using the safety cable. Lock the unit in position securely. 
        1. Plug power cord into power receptacle that provides 110v-10amp AC power to unit (or 220vac, 7a). For DMX control, plug into the DMX relay (accessory) then plug into the electrical outlet. Plug the DMX control cable (3 pin) into the DMX XLR connection. 
        1. Place angle-cut draw tube into the coupling on the end of the hose.
        1. Place the flexible draw tube onto the surface area of the soft confetti and streamers. Do not stuff product into tube, but allow plenty of air to pass with the items during launch. Note: The angle cut is to allow air with the product to be drawn into tube. This prevents clogging.
        1. Turn power switch ”ON” or use DMX control panel. Beyond 50% is “on” power to ShotMax.
        1. Move the draw tube through confetti and streamers, as needed. As long as material is close to the inlet, it will launch continuously. You can launch all day.

        Times Square Confetti - Kabuki assumes no liability for improper use of this product.