Confetti: Brilliant Colors & Custom Cuts, in Bulk or Cannon Sleeves

Flying Paper Artistry at Wholesale Prices, Straight From Our USA Factory.

Confetti Shapes and Slowfall Designs, Cut from  Biodegradable Tissues, Dissolving Rice Paper or Glimmering Metallics.

Our Times Square Confetti factory develops custom paper art for high-profile event designers and gorgeous, off-the-shelf effects for schools, non-profits and partiers. You can catch our integrated theatrical effects in international musicals, or in TV commercials and series promos. Our reality show effects grabs magazine covers everywhere, and photos of our work have gone viral, circling the globe. We do romantic, piped-under-the-tent effects for celebrity weddings. You've seen our grand-scale work every four years at the major political parties' national conventions. And yes, that’s our biodegradable confetti over New York’s Times Square each New Year’s Eve.

When it comes to dazzling paper effects, a sprinkling is often the look of choice, and we’re experts at scaling for intimate settings, table decor and art exhibitions, too. We’re in and out of the studios. We ship sparkling MiniFetti to Las Vegas shows, die-cut shapes to fine artists, and specialized metallic confetti cuts to theaters around the world. Designers and planners prefer us for our supreme flexibility, creative thinking and reliable delivery of custom-themed products, often overnight.