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Confetti: Cherry Red Tissue Fluttering Rectangles, in Launch Sleeves

$ 4.11
In Stock
Color Red
Size 10" Cannon-Ready Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue


Red, Biodegradable Slowfall Confetti in 10" Speedloader Sleeves.

Launch These True Red Rectangles for High-Flying, Cherry-Colored Clouds. 

Red is a theatrical color. Whether you blast it across a wild concert crowd, shower it over a romantic wedding or create a bloody, onstage scene, it will awe your audience.

We stack these red rectangles in a 10" clear plastic sleeve that's easy for you to snip open and pour straight into your launcher, even if you are behind the scenes in the dark.

This is a true red. It will give you dramatic photo ops in outdoors in bright daylight, under spotlights, and inside lit stadiums.

For outdoor evening events, consider slipping a sleeve of white slowfall confetti into the same launch load. The all-white rectangles will create a bright, neutral backdrop and make your red pop.

Red Tissue Sleeved Confetti Details

  • Red biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue
  • 3/4″ x 2″ slowfall rectangles
  • 10" easy-pour sleeve
  • Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop

Confetti Purchasing Guide

Kabuki Handheld Celebration Launchers

  • 2 sleeves per launch for 20" barrel
  • 3 sleeves per launch for 32" barrel

RC-2 Remote-Control Cannons  

  • 8 sleeves (4 each barrel) per launch for 2"x20" cannons
  • 6 sleeves (3 each barrel) per launch for 1"x36" cannons