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Streamer Flick Sticks: Tissue Confetti Streamers + Metallic Flutters

$ 7.51
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Color Multicolor


Bright Tissue Serpentines and Sparkling Metallic Flutters Packed into an 18" Hand-Launch Tube.

Each tube holds 2 full launches and soars up to 25'.

This is the streamer companion to our popular Confetti Flick Sticks.  

The pre-filled, 18-inch, disposable gold tube can be handed out for any celebration or pre-set as part of table decoration.  Each Streamer Flick Stick comes already loaded with 2 shots (one from each end). Flick your wrist and your effect flies 20' to 25' in the air.  Turn it over and launch again for a second color flight.

    Multicolor or Custom Colors?

    These 18" disposable tubes come pre-filled with brilliant multicolor tissues and metallics. Need colors customized for your theme? No problem. Choose the "Custom Mix" option and tell us your colors in the Special Instruction Box at checkout. Note: Custom color combinations are specially-made for you and are non-returnable.

    Custom Metallic Flutter Choices

    Gold, silver, black, blue, green, purple, hot pink, orange, red, rose gold/copper.

    Custom Tissue Streamer Colors

    White, black, yellow, royal blue, turquoise, purple, lavender, red, pink, hot pink, orange, green, lime/spring green.

    Streamer Flick Stick Details

    • 18" gold-colored tubes
    • Hand-launched - no propellent
    • 2 launches - 1 from each end
    • Each launch covers 20' to 25'                               
    • Use: Outdoors 
    • Use: Indoors (high ceilings)
    • Made of flameproof PVC metallic and biodegradable, fire-resistant tissue

    Launch Tips

    Aim high - up and out (think fly-fishing).  Flick your wrist with a sharp snap. 

    Easy Clean Up

    Post-event, streamers are simple to scoop up. Actually, guests, fans and audience members tend to do that for you. Our Pure Metallic Streamer Flick Sticks are used by cheerleaders, and theater/musical performance act break and finales.

    To quickly corral metallic flutters, rent our Clean Up Blower.

    Your Streamer Flick Sticks are made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.