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Confetti Cleanup Blower - Weekly Rental

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Rental Confetti Cleanup Blower.

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After every celebration comes cleanup.  If your party place has grass, carpet, padded seating, rafters or bleachers, rent our Confetti Cleanup Blower. It makes quick work of paper leftovers.

For Hard Floors, just use a vacuum or push broom.

Likely someone's vacuuming post-party anyway, and for hard floors, a vacuum or a wide broom takes care of all your partiers' leavings just fine, along with any Slowfall or Die-cut Confetti.

For carpets, grass, upholstered seats and stadium bleachers, the Blower's the trick.  

The Leaf Blower blows Confetti (and whatever else your guests have left) off fabric, along grass, from rafters, down bleachers and into a corner, where it's all easily swept into trash and recycle bins. So when the party's done, you're still celebrating.

One week rental includes shipping delivery and return time.