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Confetti Circles: 2" Round Rose Gold Metallic, 1 Pound Bulk

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Special Sale: 2" Rose Gold Circles Bagged in Bulk. 

Designer Overrun! Coppery Round Confetti Cut from Flameproof Metallic.

Our largest Rose Gold Metallic Circles, on sale while supplies last. At 2" in diameter, they'll give you the best effect when dropped from a balcony or snow cradle, hand-tossed, or used for art projects and party decor.

Confetti Creative: Mix in MiniFetti

For your decorative displays and art projects, break up solid circle patterns with speckles of truly tiny metallic squares.

2" Round Metallic Confetti Product Details

  • Sold by the pound
  • Use in:  Table Decoration, Balcony or Confetti/Snow Cradle Drop,
  • Launch with RC2 2x20 twin barrels
  • Flame-proof PVC metallic

Want More Sizes and Colors?

We cut confetti circles in sizes from 0.5" to 2", in a full array of both tissue and metallic colors. See all of your choices here.

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