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Confetti Circles: 1" Round Fluttering Tissue, 1 Pound Bulk

$ 30.76
In Stock
Color Multicolor
Size 1 Pound Bulk
Material 1" Round Biodegradable Tissue


Colorful 1" Biodegradable Tissue Confetti Spots, by the Pound.

Slip these into balloons, use for crafts, hand-toss or launch for playful, bright flutter.

The theatrical potential of one-inch Tissue Circles is endless.  Choose multicolor, and they become a child's circus.  Drop white and they become snow.  Launch red and black for dramatic stage-play drops of blood.

So, first imagine your theme, then choose your colors. The 1" Tissue Circles come in solid color collections, standard multicolor, patriotic and custom color mixes.  

Tissue Circle Confetti Details

  • Fire-resistant, biodegradable tissue
  • Sold by the pound
  • Launch for atmospheric celebrations
  • Use as table decoration, snow effects, theatrical effects, art projects, school projects

Tips for Launching Circles

Circles lack the natural hang-time of rectangles.  For quick, impactful visual effects, their shape is fantastic.

Pick your colors:

Lavender, pink, hot pink, white, black, red, blue, turquoise, purple, orange, green, lime, yellow, standard multicolor, red/white/blue and custom mixtures.

For custom color mixtures in the same bag: Select 2 colors and note them in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

Made in our Sun Valley, CA shop.

Confetti Creative: Add Metallic Texture

Adding 1-inch Metallic Circles to your mix creates texture and glitter.  Also, by their weight, metallic circles help keep tissue table decor in place.

We cut these circles especially to your order and they are non-returnable.