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Kabuki Confetti Streamers: Bright Biodegradable Tissue Speedloaders

$ 4.62
In Stock
Size 10" Launch Sleeve
Material Biodegradable Tissue
Color Multicolor Rainbow


22' Arching Streamers Stacked in 10" Confetti Cannon Sleeve.

The Parade, Concert and Musical Theater Staple - Biodegradable, Fire-Resistant and Sustainably-Sourced.

Greece Athena School's Mary Poppins Confetti Streamers
Greece Athena Middle School launches multicolor Speedload Streamers and Slowfall Confetti for the final bow of Mary Poppins.

The all-purpose, always-ready tissue streamer fits seamlessly into any celebration. Bright and happy, Our pristine, Kabuki-cut Speedloaders come in sleek, 10-inch sleeves that pour directly into Launchers as narrow as 1".  This product works extremely well in bleacher, concert or large crowd settings - your guests will have their hands in the air to catch the excitement. Fast to load and launch, and easy to clean up, these make a big, repeatable impact.  

  • 1/2" x 22' Tissue Streamers
  • Packaged in 10" launch-ready sleeves
  • Fire-resistant, biodegradable

How Many Streamer Sleeves Will You Need?

Kabuki Handheld Launcher

  • The 32" Launchers hold up to 3 sleeves. 
  • 20" Launchers - buy 2 sleeves.

RC-2 Pro Remote Control Cannons

  • Order 10 sleeves for 2" x 20" cannon (5 per barrel)
  • Order 6 sleeves for 1" x 36" cannon (3 per barrel)

Can You Launch Streamers by Blower?

Yes - but not these long versions. For blown streamer effects (such as ticker tape parades), you'll want much shorter streamers. Contact us and we'll set you up with Shot Max or Cyclone continuous flow blowers, and streamers in the length that's right for your look.

Confetti Creative: Pop these through a multicolor confetti cloud

Pour slowfall tissue confetti in your confetti cannon first. Then add your streamers. The double effect of fluttering cloud and bursting streamers will wow your crowd.